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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 338

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I only have one question for those fans who had the honor and privilege of getting to one (or more) of MBLAQ concerts during their Blaq% Tour in 2012: How wild was Wild? Every fancam I have viewed (and I am certain I have not seen all of them) seems to indicate G.O and Mir’s live performance of their raucous dance track was every bit as electrifying and, yes…sexy as the provocative lyrics suggest it could, would and should be. Since it is Friday, I think we should revisit a Wild fan cam moment from the tour where you will not only be reminded of G.O’s astounding vocals, but also get a taste of that simmering sexy he lets come out to play in the performance.

Every time I think G.O has show us his sexy best, he reveals a little more. In looking back (like in way back to his days with Tykeys), he has always possessed immense sex appeal (in my opinion). I think he is aware of it and that is why he has been judicious in releasing it slowly and buffering it with playfulness and charm. I am telling you, the man has all the tools to steal and win your heart. But I digress….

For this Fan-Camming Friday, I choose the keen cam of our wonderful masternim MemenGO. MemenGO’s cams are always skillfully edited and capture G.O so well, whether he is feeling the sadness of an achingly beautiful ballad, or turning up the sexy as he does here in Wild.

Yes, I’d say between Mir, the backup dancers and G.O himself, that stage was pretty much on fire for the entire song. Wild is quite infectious. And I for one have absolutely no problem watching G.O get his sexy swag on every now and again just so long as he comes back to let his beautiful voice cradle me in a tender ballad. For me, that is when G.O is at his sexy best.


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