The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 335

I truly am of the firm belief that there is a time, season and reason for all things that happen in our lives. I still remember so clearly Lee Joon’s words during one of the Curtain Call shows back in November 2014 where he said that even brushing against someone’s shoulder is one’s karma. It may sound all granola breath and tree huggy, but I think that he (like me) believes in the power and force of the universe and how our lives play into and are affected by it, including the people we meet and come in contact with. This is perhaps why I completely missed falling heart first into the G.O vortex before he released either of his digital singles, and most notably, Play That Song. I wasn’t ready. But I came close, for it was by early December 2013 that I was on the road to G.O-ville. All things for a reason.^^ For our G.O One Shot today, I steal a moment from the mini Play That Song MV, in .gif form.

Let us all pause and simply . . . swoooooon.




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