The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 334

Why don’t we just start the week off with some G.O cute overload? Happy Monday to you on this 334th Day of G.O’s service! I feel like keeping it light and fun so I decided to travel back to MBLAQ’s Japan debut days of May 2011 and, in particular, the day G.O, Seung Ho and Thunder visited the Made in BS Japan MBLAQ Special. Remember the ‘Synchronizing Questions’ segment?

G.O looked absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in that crisp white shirt. Seeing him, Seung Ho and Thunder answer the quick questions posed regarding their likes and preferences in Japanese culture, places, food and otherwise revealed a sweet adorability all three share, and it was absolutely entertaining and delightful.

It was also fun to see how in and/or out of sync each were with their answers.

Not bad . . . they were generally pretty much in sync.~^^ The romantic in me appreciated the 87-Line response to: “When you think of necessary Japanese words, you think?’ With the choices being either ‘Hello’ or ‘I Love You,’ the lovable 87-Line chose the latter.

Well-played, sir!

What I continue to notice about our gloriously talented and handsome main vocal  is that no matter what the pre-planned professional promotional appearance, there always remains this ever-present quiet class and sophistication that eloquently reverberates from him, even at the young age of 24, and even in playful and humorous moments such as these.

What an incredibly balanced package of talent, intelligence, maturity, and politeness G.O is indeed. And all wonderfully wrapped in a gracious, humble and outrageously handsome and decidedly sexy young man.


[Video cr. Subbers In Absolute Quality!]

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