The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 336

Every moment G.O has the opportunity to sing will always have a place here in this countdown series and will generally find its way into the Vocal Virtuosity archives. Every single one. But I admit there will always be some moments that stand out much like the one I share today where G.O turns a ballad into a tender lullaby in his rendition of Hurricane during a January 2010 visit to the Volume Up radio show.

I don’t know if it was on purpose, or if he was tired or what it was that made this performance seem different than the ways G.O has sung this song before, and he has sung it often. I find this rendition particularly soothing and that is why I have likened it to a lullaby.

I love G.O’s big notes. Always will. But when he sings with a gentle restraint (as he did in this Volume Up performance), it becomes filled with even more purpose and meaning. The reverberation, tone and overall vibration of G.O’s voice is a tranquil caress that reaches the deepest parts of us and is resoundingly calm in the wake of being such a stormy song. As vocal judge/coach Adam Levine said in this past season of The Voice:

A purposeful song is made more meaningful by a purposeful voice.


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