The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 333

I admit that I have not always watched variety show appearances at the time of airing (of course, many I have missed having come to the fandom late) so I don’t experience the excitement perhaps real time. Watching at a later date can work out better actually though because often at initial airing, there are no subtitles. So although it is a thrill to watch our biases engage and interact on a variety program, if we don’t understand Korean, we are not going to have the full  experience. And a full experience is exactly what you would want from Episode 96 of JTBC’s variety talk show program Witch Hunt, when G.O and Mir dropped by to share their views on relationships.

I have to admit that I was not prepared for the open and up front honesty of the topics covered in this show. I was equally surprised that our generally frank and open main vocal was a bit guarded when answering those more sensitive questions in relationships such as premarital sex, for example, whereas our gregarious maknae did not hold back.

I LOVED this episode. It was witty, frank and, for some reason, it just endeared G.O to me even more ~ if that was even possible. It was and it did.

I really enjoyed when the panel heard relationship stories and then had to examine the merits of the relationship, determine if the relationship was valid and viable, and give it the green light as potentially being successful or not. I think my favorite part of the entire show however, was when the host and idol panel guests all took part in helping a chosen, I guess you could call her, contestant navigate the slippery slope of what seemed to be the beginnings of a blossoming relationship. Seriously, I was glued to the screen watching the show hosts, G.O and Mir break down the Kakao Talk messages between the contestant and her would be suitor. And then even coached her how to further message him.

The pièce de résistance for me was watching G.O (with great cleverness) point out that the man at the center of our contestant’s interest would mold his messages to her to match hers. That is, the man of interest was a man of 29 and she a woman of 21. He perhaps uncomfortable with the age difference would change his message speak accordingly to sound younger to coincide with her youthful messaging. G.O pointed out that he (at that time) was also a man of 29 and he would not talk that way.

Oh my . . . this confirmed for me what is often said about Scorpios ~~~~> nothing gets by them. Plus they are great purveyors of what lies beneath the surface.

No one else on the panel caught this, but G.O did. Oh I do love this man’s clever and razor sharp intelligence. Sooooooooo attractive!!

Here are some moments from the show:


[Video cr. Village Idiot Subs]

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