The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 326

We all must agree that sometimes the suits/clothing style our gorgeous music men in absolute quality had to wear were sometimes a bit extravagant and somewhat loud. I realize that on a stage, images and even the artists themselves must appear larger than life. It is all part of the entertainment process and I understand that completely. Still, I love the easy comfort of button down shirts, some times with a jacket, sometimes not, with dress slacks as seen during Mirror, or those amazing suits our men wore during the Broken era. A quiet sophistication. However, I am not going to deny how fantastic and sexy G.O looked at the Lotte World Public Broadcast show on 25 February 2012 in that vibrant red and black ensemble.

From fingerless leather gloves to shiny patent leather boots, G.O looked every bit as stunning as he truly is. Ok, yes….this is a shallow fangirl post for the Countdown. And inasmuch as my favorite color on him is black, he proves that he is simply one of those people who can wear any shade of any color on the spectrum and wear it well.

Additionally, G.O’s fine physique makes any and everything look good. During aggressive and demanding choreography, he never seems restricted by what could be complex and restrictive clothing on others.

Of the more blinged out ensembles G.O has had to wear over the course of his performances, this red suit remains one of my favorites. I am not going to lie, part of it is because his legs look so ridiculously amazing and the cut of the jacket tailored to hug the svelte lines of his broad shoulders down to his lean waist is next to perfect. I think maybe this is my most shallowest post to date in this Countdown series. *blushing wildly*

Surely, you cannot blame me for admiring his beauty every once in a while, can you?



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