The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 325

Every day is a good day to celebrate G.O’s congenial fan service, no matter how he serves it up. True, I have missed experiencing these memories real time, but to be able to relive and watch his gregarious interaction with his fans remains a never-ending pleasure for me no matter how long ago in past or relatively recent these moments have occurred. Reliving them through the many days of this countdown often times makes them feel as if they have happened only yesterday. So many may remember the subject of today’s post, the Yeongdeungpo fan sign during Blaq% promotions in January 2012.

I sometimes wonder if the fans are a magic tonic for G.O. You know, like the moment he is surrounded by his fans, near his fans, interacting with his fans, the amount of gracious and often times playful appreciation that pour from him becomes immeasurable. Just thinking about it warms my heart. Watching him engage with his fans is just as special as watching him get lost in song.

* * *

Maybe it is just a natural reciprocation. G.O is the first, in my experience, where I feel the kind of honesty from an artist in the way he loves music, and the way he lets it consume him; and the kind of love and appreciation he has for his fans. It is just impossible to fake.

And indeed why my support of this authentic and talented young artist, this incredible young man will never cease.


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