The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 278

Nuance. It has become one of my favorite buzz words used often when I describe G.O. From the subtle tones and inflections in his voice when he sings, to the expression in his eyes or even a move or shift in the way he tilts his head, dances, is photographed, or speaks. Little things that may not seem obvious, but (for me) somehow capture a mood, a moment, or characteristic that is exclusive to him. As is clear there is so much about him that I adore, why not have a little fun exploring those nuances that further endear him to so many of us.

I thought I would travel back to Tykeys debut days for a pictorial nuance. I don’t know why this captured my attention, but it just did.

Did the photographer tell G.O (then Jang Goon) to grasp a piece of Su’s hair during this photo shoot or was this just something he felt compelled to do? Here he was, the maknae of the group boldly wrapping strands of his leader’s wavy tresses around his fingers. There is something that is both intimate and playful in this moment. The soft smile on his lips while gazing at the strands of her hair only adds to the subtleness, the nuance, of the capture.

I cannot explain why, but I just love it.


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