The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 271

With the dynamic of three that is now MBLAQ, I often think about how older songs that we have not yet heard them sing would sound today. Has anyone else compiled a list like I have? One of my top requests to hear real time now would be the breathtaking ballad from their second mini album, Last Luv. Have you listened to it lately? I think it is a perfect song to add to the G.O Vocal Virtuosity section of the Countdown. His voice may not have been the one to open or close the song but was indeed the abundant and delicious main course that may have you asking . . . hmmm, do I really need an appetizer or dessert?

You are my last love 넌 내 마지막 사랑
[You are my last love, you are my last love]
You are my last love 끝을 함께할 사람
[You are my last love, the person I will share the end with]
거친 세상에서 받아낸 하나의 선물
[The present that I have received in this tough world]
내 눈앞에 또다른 기적
[Another miracle that has appeared in front of my eyes]
You are the last love

이 작은 반지로는 말할 수 없지만
[I cannot say it through this small ring]
약속할께 모든 걸 난 너를 위해서
[I promise everything I do, it is for you]

Last Luv is a beautiful ballad sung by the then hyung line of MBLAQ, Seung Ho, G.O and Lee Joon. And although he has no verse duties in the song, G.O is the keeper of the chorus and the bridge, connecting the thoughts and emotions Seung Ho and Joon sing in the verses. However, the foundation, strength and core of the message in the song is best found in the chorus and in the power of G.O’s ad libs, especially during the final chorus when he sings (in English), “You’re the one that I need, the one that I need, baby . . .

I am not taking anything away from Seung Ho and Joon here, but the passion, feeling and emotion in this ballad is coming straight from G.O’s heart to ours in that chorus. You can feel it, you can feel him. Inasmuch as I would have loved for him to get a verse or two here, I am content with G.O singing, you’re my last love . . . the present I have received in this tough world . . . the miracle before my eyes . . . the one I will be with until the end.



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