The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 239

There is no sweeter tonic for senses than an incandescently playful G.O. As I patiently await his return from military duties, I also wait for the moment he unleashes his playfulness upon us once again. In the meantime, I will use the One Shot to revisit as many of those moments as I can throughout this series by way of the either picture of .gif. Today….it will be .gif form.

From the 24 August 2013 Love Beat Fansign, Mr. Playful:

He is killing that black v-neck t-shirt, like in seriously annihilating it, in fact. He makes a simple black v-neck tee look ridiculously sexy. Remarkably, G.O is at his sexiest when completely comfortable and casual without any cognizance whatsoever of the effect he has when wearing something so very simple. The perfect mixture of adorable and sexy.


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