In The Event Of An Event ~ Mission Complete

Wow, it took a little over a month, but my mission to bulk up and complete a USA+’s MBLAQ collection has been accomplished!

The journey began on 25 July 2016 when I announced I wanted to have an event where I would complete (to the best of my ability and product availability) the MBLAQ collection of sister USA+, Chris (@mblaq87line).

Following the guidelines of MBLAQ’s discography, I began collecting what I needed to send. The treasures were journeying to me from various parts of Asia so delivery times were indeed uncertain. When each treasure did arrive, I was like a kid on Christmas. The more complete the list became, the more excited I was for Chris! I am little dorky like that.

Finally, on 27 August, I had everything and the treasures were on their way. The US Postal Service must have strapped a jetpack to the box as Chris received the package TODAY! I asked her to share some pictures with me upon receipt and she graciously obliged.

So pretty!!!!~^^

Since I fell under the spell of MBLAQ, I have had three events that have stretched across the globe. I have met many wonderful A+ as a result and even when I have said (and I have said it many times), this is THE LAST ONE, I have to be honest, it probably is not the last one. >< In fact, I am tossing some ideas around in my head (it’s one wild playground in there), for 2017.

I am fascinated by the statistics here on The Fangirl Adventure Log where it seems that every day a different country has the top slot in number of views. Surprisingly, it is not always (or often) even the US. So I am trying to think of ways to honor the readers of the blog who have been so supportive. Therefore, I am giving myself some time to really think about it and will wait until 2017 for my next event ~ which at this point is even a mystery to me!

In the meantime, congratulations, Chris! And a HUGE thank you to everyone who stops by to check things out here, even if all you will find (lately) is a whole lot of Jung Byung Hee!

I can’t help it….he is just too irresistible!


[Image cr. G.OLove; mblaq87line]


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