The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 195

Do you mind if we head over to the Retro Room for about half a minute? I think you will like it. It is always nice (at least for me it is) when G.O flips through the pages of his cover song notebook, chooses a popular western ballad from the 1970’s, and even if he only shares a line or two of song, we still get to hear the sweet sounds of his beautiful voice. When this happens, it invariably fans the flames of my OG (that’s ‘old girl’) heart and ignites feels, emotions and a further sense of wonderment over the how and why these tender retro ballads resonate so deeply with G.O.

In 1974, Billy Preston along with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson penned the moving and romantic ballad, You Are So Beautiful which was among the tracklist of Preston’s album, The Kids & Me. That same year British pop, soul and blues artist, Joe Cocker release his album,  I Can Stand A Little Rain and from that album released a slower version of Preston’s song which became a Billboard Top 100 hit in 1975. Some time in the early 2000’s Korean ballad artist Sung Si Kyung also covered the song.

Fast forward to 15 December 2009, where, at the Human Culture Awards, a young and freshly debuted main vocal G.O stood on the stage and sang a few lines from this achingly tender ballad and forever solidified a videographic swoon-worthy moment.

When G.O sings these classic ballads from a era well before his time, I often wonder if the karaoke machine Papa Jung (his father) brought home when G.O was just a mere 7 or 8 year old child came programmed with these retro western golden oldies along with any Korean classics contained in the collection? Or for this particular song, did G.O simply capture a listen to Sung Si Kyung’s version and it made its mark upon him and thusly stayed imprinted?

In whatever way it found its way onto G.O’s cover song tracklist is of no consequence really because G.O seems to have always been drawn to classic songs of depth, feeling and emotion. They too appear to very attracted to him. Think of the western songs from the 70’s he alone has covered: WildflowerDesperadoAll in Love is Fair and even though only a few lines here, You Are So Beautiful.

At a time when I am becoming more and more greedy to hear G.O’s voice, I watch this clip and lament over why our humble and gracious main vocal did not sing the whole song!! Still I really should not be so greedy for surely he was on the stage that evening as a member of MBLAQ first and foremost, which indeed was more important to him. G.O’s mini moment to shine in those few short lines, however, were no doubt an adequate teaser to introduce remind the audience that a sweet and powerful voice had returned to Korean popular music.


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