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In The Event Of An Event ~ Mission Complete

Wow, it took a little over a month, but my mission to bulk up and complete a USA+’s MBLAQ collection has been accomplished!

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In The Event Of An Event ~ MBLAQ Treasure Chest

When I look at these three gorgeous and talented men, I am filled with inspiration. I am also filled with an inexplicable desire to share my love for them in ways that perhaps some feel is outrageous and uncommon. And I have to be honest, I have struggled because there are days when I don’t even understand me either!

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In The Event Of An Event

I am finding that the more I continue to write about MBLAQ’s G.O, the more nostalgic I become remembering how I came to the MBLAQ fandom which in turn makes me reminiscent about many things, including the package events. I think about those events often. Although I almost always have very fond memories, there are still times I regret having done them at all. I have learned that overall people (and this is certainly not specific to our fandom) know how to take, but rarely do they know how to receive. It’s tricky. The receiving thing. I think many of us are not particularly comfortable in receiving, feeling undeserving or ineligible. Perhaps it is because some have primarily been givers that it becomes difficult to navigate the emotions of gratitude that flood our hearts when we are on the receiving end of anything be it words, physical gift, or even assistance. I understand because I, too, have trouble receiving. But, I am getting better at it. I have found that in giving I receive more than I could ever want for in a thousand lifetimes, and that has helped me become a better receiver.

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USA+ Rice Wreath for G.O – Thank You!

A very special thank you to the USA+ (and honorary USA+) who generously donated to help celebrate G.O at the I.Callist Idol Vocalist Concert in Seoul this past Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016. I sincerely hope G.O was able to check out all of the love in the lobby of the KBS Arena on Sunday which included our lovely wreath donating 100kg of rice to the needy in his name.

My heartfelt thank you to the following:

Carly Bess
Chris Bohannon
Patty Gonzalez
Vijaya Lakshmi (Honorary USA+~^^)
Andrea Offenbacher
Christina Pascual
Diane Vue
Lin Xi

Thank you~♥

[Image credit: Dreame]

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[Notice] USA+ Rice Wreath Support for MBLAQ G.O


Calling on all USA+ interested in donating to help show our support for MBLAQ’s amazing main vocal man as he takes the stage at the upcoming I.Callist Idol Vocalist Concert in Seoul on February 14, 2016.

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