The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 175

Little did I know that back on Day 91 when I decided to share a Heavenly Collaboration featuring G.O with, that it was in essence a Part Two for this particular collaboration team. I was unaware that G.O and had crossed paths prior to his MBLAQ days and I certainly was not aware of the fact that they shared the stage singing together prior to the April 2010 A-Live performance. Then I came across a short clip of the two of them singing’s 눈부신 날에 [On A Blinding Day].

Oh my . . . This beautiful ballad is from’s 6th album In Love Again and is a duet she sang with Korean-Canadian singer Alex of the electropop group Clazziqual. That sixth album was released in November 2007. I don’t know when this video was taken, but the uploader entitled it “’s Valentine Concert with Tykeys Jang Goon.” Could be February 2008, but I’m not sure. What I am sure about, however, is how remarkably beautiful this ballad is and only wish the cam operator recorded the entire song.

The opening line of the chorus, 우리 사랑,, 우리 약속.. [We love . . we promise . .] when and G.O begin to sing together is so absolutely tender and dreamy and beautiful. and G.O share that same tender quality in their voices. When it comes to a duet, I am usually pretty staunch in my preference for hearing G.O sing with his Tykeys partner, Su. But I have to say, I am loving this little taste of how exquisite G.O and sound together here. So soft. So sensitive. So romantic.

There are so many songs I have placed on the track list of the imaginary solo album in my mind that I have created for G.O. This gorgeous ballad is on that list as this short clip was enough for me to want to hear these two lovely balladeers sing this one together again.


[Video cr. K dongwoo]


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