Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 89

When A.C.E debuted in February 2017, they did so with a single. That single was Cactus. They followed Cactus up with another single in October 2017, Callin’. My point here is that they did not release a full album until the following year, June 7, 2018 to be exact. So when it came to live stage performances, the group READ MORE

Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 65

Donghun proves time and time again how much of a skilled vocalist he is both in A.C.E and individually. Another facet of his vocal prowess is showcased in duets. His work with Sonnet is gorgeous (you will recall both Shallow and Little Do You Know). But, I particularly enjoy when he pairs up with one READ MORE

Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 4

I have only been a Choice (A.C.E fan) for a little over two years. I am not quite a baby Choice, but I am still relatively new seeing how the group debuted in 2017. Sigh . . . I am always late to the party. Anyway, I learned very quickly that it was easy to READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Raise Me Up [Lee Hongki]

I think at one time or another we have all felt that if we had that one single person in our lives who was always there, and who always had our backs unconditionally without judgment, that we could do or be anything we wanted. And because of that support and belief, we could make it READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Miracle [GOT7]

Oh my . . . how oddly fortuitous this pull while at the same time quite sentimental and timely given the recent turn of events regarding my beloved GOT7. If you are at all familiar with the extensive discography GOT7 has built over these past seven years, you can easily understand and surmise that the READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ And I [NU’EST W]

Maybe, just maybe there is a force that connects the biorhythmic waves between us and the universe that understands us better than we ourselves do, knowing exactly what, when and how we can use some healing. That is how I am feeling about the pull for this week’s Playlist Roulette. I guess I really needed to READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ 편지를 써 (Stand By You) [A.C.E]

Where do I begin? I am having a difficult time trying to pull it together long enough to talk about this lovely song, its thoughtful message, and the five talented and charming men behind it. I think if you give A.C.E a chance, you will agree that they bring something a little different to the READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Sam Kim

Have you experienced the vocal stylings of Sam Kim yet? If not, please get on board because you will not be disappointed. This young Korean-American singer-songwriter-composer-guitarist has some serious talent wrapped in his very young yet amazingly mature 21 years (or 22, if you are playing by Korean age rules). Sam barreled into my lane READ MORE

The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 432

Before I get this post rolling let me take a moment to scream: G.O HAS UNDER 300 DAYS REMAINING IN HIS SERVICE!! Yes, this is Day 432 which on the opposite end of a more logical countdown equals 299 days remaining. I know I am the only person counting up instead of down. But somehow counting READ MORE

The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 391

I know that MBLAQ’s heart-wrenching break up song 녹 [Rust] is an absolute group effort but I cannot help but single out G.O’s haunting vocals in the unplugged version that was the closing song on the group’s last recorded album as a five-man group, Winter. The level of sorrow heard in his voice is palatable. READ MORE