The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 174

In looking at the long list of post suggestions to myself, on this 174th day it simply read ‘endorsement.’ Vague, right? I started thinking about G.O shoes (random!) and remembered there was actually a connect to endorsements. Indeed, G.O has been on the endorsement side of introducing some of the most eclectic and fashion forward footwear coming out of Seoul. [Those spiked loafers up there are pretty awesome.] Today, I just want to have a whimsical look at his shoe style as throughout his career, specifically with MBLAQ, G.O has had the opportunity to wear some really stylish, elegant and sophisticated footwear.

Of the many things I love about G.O, his style and how effortlessly he assembles his look whether it be casual cargos and a pair of loafers or a well-tailored suit with a pair of classic wing tips, proves over and over to me that he intrinsically knows what wears him well. Yes, I admit I am redundant on this point. Fortunately, there are many individual elements of his style I can focus on over the course of this series many of which may invariably tie into an endorsement or two. Bonus! Honestly, I never tire of looking at him.

I suppose I could have bulked this post up by including all footwear, like gym shoes or other more casual styles, but decided to limit it to his more sophisticated choices. Besides, there is always another day to check out his other relaxed and every day styles, right? The shoes featured in the little video clip above include styles from Lalarco, Sunday Shoes, Sebago, Next-Q and Sonshinbal.

Before I wrap this up, I want to give G.O some legit shoe style props for his choice of footwear at the Bershka store opening this past November. These plain black elastic slip-ons were so simple; however, G.O makes simplicity in style look rich, well put together, and oh so attractive.  His entire ensemble was comfortable and casual from the soft grey messenger cap to the stone-washed denim shirt and sleek black skinny jeans. But wait…..I think I see argyle!!! Usually G.O seems to prefer to go sock-less. But here, we catch a peek of argyle socks. And maybe on the whole this seems insignificant, but I rather appreciate G.O’s attention to the subtle detail of choosing a patterned, sophisticated and classy pair of socks to go with his decidedly comfortable and casual style.

Yes, he brings it all together and makes it all look so very good!


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