The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 145

Golden moments. That is how I describe any and all Tykeys moments captured whether it be photograph, audio, video or otherwise. They are part of G.Os history and even if he disagrees, an amazing part at that. In the short time Tykeys spent promoting and performing before they disbanded, they left us with so much gold. The rare practice room videos are indeed treasured gifts and always wonderful to unwrap and enjoy time and again.

호수아비 [Scarecrow] was not one of the songs released as a single from Tykeys’ one and only album, Ty Project No. 1, (to my knowledge) but the group did sing it at their March 15, 2007 showcase. Sitting in the practice room, while they rehearsed it however, is a wonderful and intimate moment. It even appears to be a sort of semi-dress rehearsal. G.O looking so very handsome in that white jacket over a black shirt and pants. With gentle urgency, he sets the tone:

I’m waiting here today too
Like a scarecrow
Rain or wind even when it is snowing
I’m still standing here
Just in case my memories will disappear
I haven’t been able to sleep once properly
To protect you and for you
Because I want to love again

A song about love lost (yes, a common theme), 호수아비 [Scarecrow] is made more poignant by the beautiful and emotional delivery by G.O and Su. The power, the balance and the chemistry between the two of them was magical.

Tykeys came like a comet, flashed brilliantly, and left the sky all too soon. But G.O’s smoldering star still burned and indeed reignited and lit up the sky once again.

It may be back in its smoldering state at present, but I am confident that when he returns, it will not only reignite, it will explode.


[Video cr. mgoon]

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