The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 146

Imagine you are in your golden years, a grandma or grandpa, living quietly tending to every day life when a barrage of celebrities descend upon your small village with camera crew in tow. Imagine further that the celebs included members of MBLAQ. Even though it was a variety show that was perhaps comedic in nature, there was something also very endearing about MBC’s Hometown Variety Dreams & Fields.

When I watched Episode 3 of Dreams & Fields, I did not grasp much of what was going on because I was unable to find the show subbed. What I do know is that it was a variety program where a group of celebrities go into small villages and spend time with some of its elderly citizens. It then segues (at least in this episode) into a game show of sorts where the elderly villagers were teamed up to compete against one another in trivia and even charades, all guided and assisted by their celebrity visitors.

At the time of airing in April 2012, Lee Joon was one of the celebrity hosts for the show (along with Ji Sang Ryul, Kim Tae Hyun, Jung Juri, Ahn Sun Young, Lee Kyung Shil and Choi Jung Yoon) and in Episode 3 (8 April), G.O, Cheondung and Mir were part of the celebrity guests who were going to invade the villages that day. There were two teams consisting of the celebrity hosts and the guest celebrities. Cheondung was on Joon’s predominantly male team which also included actor Oh Ji Ho. G.O and Mir were paired with the ladies. Yeah, that sounds about right. ^^

I have to be honest. I fast forwarded through much of the one hour show to follow the antics of the wild pair and their pretty ladies posse. Hahahaa…this is true. G.O and Mir were indeed paired with all of the lady celeb hosts except Jung Juri.  Juri was with Joon and his crew. Had Juri and G.O ended up on the same team, this may have ended up being a G.O~Juri Moments post!

As I watched the show I was not even sure what I could write about until the ladies, G.O and Mir visited 75 year old Lee Jong Soon and his ailing wife. I knew I found my moment.

Then again, when G.O sings, I always have a moment.


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