The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 122

Would you agree that having a song on a drama OST and also showing up on the show constitutes a double bonus? And, wouldn’t it be made that much sweeter if that song was one you wrote and composed? Indeed. Such was the case for G.O and Mir’s 알고있었어 [I Already Knew]. They hit the trifecta for Channel A’s drama, K-pop 최강 서바이벌 [Strongest K-pop Star Survival], by appearing in the show, having a song on the OST, and being the writers and composers of that song.

G.O makes beautiful melodic music and I love this song. But I admit to being quite partial to G.O and Mir’s OST collaborative work. With 알공있었어 [I Already Knew], the melody in the song is held squarely by G.O’s voice. All of the other instruments that comprise the foundation of the song are just that: foundation. The opening sounds of gentle waves with a mixture of a quiet piano and humming synthesizer give this break up song an entirely different feel than the bulk of G.O’s emotional songs of heartache. I love that G.O loves the piano, and the piano here remains delicately in the backdrop, while the retro synthesizer pulses through giving the song verve and energy. The music, melody and vocals are very infectious. G.O is an excellent composer.

Given its overall upbeat tone, our heartbroken hero is actually quite stoic about the break up. The signs of the relationship ending were evident so that when it happened (and although he was still in love), he was prepared. He saw it coming:

You don’t hold my hand like you used to like anymore
I already knew it, that you were going to leave me
I knew about it all along, but I couldn’t let you go . . .

G.O’s voice is perfection. Holding both lead and backing vocal duties, his high notes that surround his own voice give the song even more movement. And what about those improvisational high notes? They give me goosebumps wrapped in bliss covered in awe. Let’s not forget Mir’s rap, which is accusatory and defiant. We hear this similar edge and defiance in Mirror. In Mirror, Mir was flat-out angry while G.O was aching in pain. And while there is a tinge of anger coming from Mir here,

When I say something (huh, what?)
You’re not even interested in my stories
You only focus on your work, what’s in your mind?

G.O is resolved in the fact that the relationship is over, and really has nothing left to say but good-bye.

How awesome is MBLAQ’s cameo in the drama? MBLAQ playing a K-pop group, having a fan sign, etc. No acting really necessary, right? They just had to be their likable (and adorable) selves! Yet, when I watch G.O in the scenes, I remain struck by how natural he is in front of the camera and so very much at ease. His acting is never forced or contrived.

I believe I am 100% on point when I say that G.O operates from an honest place within himself, in all that he does. I would love to see him do more acting. I think he has so much more yet to show the world of his incredible talent. I will continue to patiently wait for the world to wake up…to catch up, and take notice of G.O in a way that will fully expose his talent, ignite his career and seriously earn him the respect he deserves from critics and peers alike who may have underestimated his abilities. If he remains in the entertainment business in any capacity, I know I will see this happen.


[Video cr. Only MBLAQ!; umiko1015]


  1. says:

    Hi Michele,
    OMG, I don’t know about this program, just search in YouTube, is this a drama?
    Can you pls tell me G.O appears in which episodes?
    Many thanks~!!

    • Nan says:

      Also known as K-pop Ultimate Audition and K-pop Extreme Survival… I was pretty excited to see the MBLAQ boys do a cameo. LOL
      I can’t remember the exact episode they appeared in, but if you’re into K-drama it was definitely worth watching.
      You can find it on Youtube, KissAsian and Viki.

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