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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 122

Would you agree that having a song on a drama OST and also showing up on the show constitutes a double bonus? And, wouldn’t it be made that much sweeter if that song was one you wrote and composed? Indeed. Such was the case for G.O and Mir’s 알고있었어 [I Already Knew]. They hit the trifecta for Channel A’s drama, K-pop 최강 서바이벌 [Strongest K-pop Star Survival], by appearing in the show, having a song on the OST, and being the writers and composers of that song.

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[series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee: #6 – It’s A “Rap”

Reason 6 – It’s A “Rap”


When the fabulous five of MBLAQ met for the first time, Mir was convinced that G.O was slotted to be the rapper of the group. Little did he know that the man behind that cool urban swag actually possessed the velvet voice that was to become the group’s main vocal. I have to commend producer Rain for having the foresight he most certainly had to marry that very golden voice with the rap element he was firmly establishing in MBLAQ. Rain must have had his eye on Tykeys! The very cocktail of blending G.O’s sweet and delicious vocals with that of rappers Mir and Cheondoong proved to be a potent fortuitous recipe. In fact, pairing his voice with any rapper has proved to be magical. And this beautiful vocal synergy is another reason to love Byung Hee.

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