The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 121

Remember when you attached yourself officially to a bias and then began to scour the internet for anything about him (or her)? I have not even scratched the surface of all that is out there on this charming guy, but I am certainly grateful that I have not broken my internet yet with all of the research I have been doing these past 121 days. That said, I remember coming across this particular fan cam (oh, I am adding another subtitle segment called “Fan-Camming” and this is my first post for that sub) and was immediately held captive by G.O’s endearing fan service.

He really knows how to knock that I-know-how-to-connect-with-my-fans out of the ballpark, doesn’t he? Sheesh!!!! It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to experience this kind of patient, connect-with-you, genuine graciousness myself that I truly realized how different and special G.O was not only as an artist, but as a man.

According to the uploader of this video, it was shot on September 10, 2012 after recording Immortal Song 2.

Not sure if it is exact or which episode it is associated with, but that is of no matter. Whether a winning evening or not, September or any other month, it would never retract from G.O’s desire to share his warmth and appreciation for the fans. His fan service is a gift that continues to give and lingers well beyond the actual moment you receive it. Trust me, I am speaking from experience.~^^




  1. Nan says:

    He looked a little tired there in the van. But still went out of his way to interact with the fans. I think because he Truly Appreciates that they are There for Him.

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