The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 37

In December 2009, Rain took his five talented protégées to Japan to introduce them to his Japanese fans. And thus began Japan’s love affair with the glorious men living in absolute quality. The really amazing part of this moment in MBLAQ’s history was that MNET Japan decided to document the group’s first visit to Japan for their 2010 K-Pop Star Series. In the documentary entitled Yo! Tokyo, fans were able to get to know a little more about MBLAQ from the men themselves. For me, however, the sweetest revelation in this documentary was watching G.O own the fact that he pulled rank as the member of MBLAQ most favored by the more *cough* mature fan base.

Although video footage of the show actually has Mir choosing Joon when the group is asked who among them older fans favor, he ultimately concedes and joins the others making it unanimous that G.O is the favorite. Inasmuch as G.O reveals that it is a little embarrassing, he said he was happy to have been chosen. At least by the time he met me, it was old (pun definitely intended) news, and he settled into the fact that we adore him.

Romancing the camera . . .

I think G.O would concede that old is gold. You have noticed by now how much of a retro soul he has in the songs he has chosen to cover (both Korean and western). In his own written and composed songs, there is also often a retro vibe to them. His old soul knows exactly how to navigate this contemporary world and also how to charm us seasoned ladies.

Here are some of his moments from Yo! Tokyo:

I think Lee Joon said it best when he shared why he thought G.O was chosen the favorite among older women. First (and facetiously) he said G.O’s charm could be summed up in one word: 털이 <~~~ hairy. But then said that he chose G.O because, “He [G.O] exudes a strong sense of wild charm.”

I could not have said it better.~^^


[Video cr. mrsxanderukiss]


  1. Nan says:

    Yeah Charm… He’s got it. I am really grateful that Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) put together this group called MBLAQ… and introduced me to a really talented and handsome guy named G.O. (Jung Byung Hee). 😉
    I used to try to figure out why he chose each one for the group. Trying to figure out who was most like Rain… then after watching Hello Baby, I came to realize that there was a little bit of Rain in all of them.
    But yeah, charm, Charisma…. that is just one thing G.O. has in common with his sunbae, Rain, and just like Rain… I think G.O. is going to hold fans hearts for a really long time.

    • Michele says:

      G.O’s grace, charisma, charm, talent, and appreciation is what yanked me clean and clear from Rain!~^^ It was an epic fangirl abduction if there ever was one!!

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