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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 514

What I have learned from watching G.O in variety programming is that I really do not have to understand all that he is saying. I feel the same way when I listen to him sing. I generally can follow along when I have an idea of what is going on. Sure there are times when I want to know exactly what he is saying or singing. Absolutely. Because I think he is bright and humorous, I want to be in on the information or joke as well as be able to fully grasp his many play on words. When it comes to song, I am less stringent in wanting to understand because I feel what he is singing and trying to convey. Today I have a Playful G.O moment wherein I have no idea what is going on and there are no subtitles to help. All I know is that whatever Seung Ho was reading, G.O had a reaction for every thought. Traveling back to a May 2010 broadcast of the MNET Japan Star VJ Show, like a little jumping bean, G.O could not contain his energy.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 37

In December 2009, Rain took his five talented protégées to Japan to introduce them to his Japanese fans. And thus began Japan’s love affair with the glorious men living in absolute quality. The really amazing part of this moment in MBLAQ’s history was that MNET Japan decided to document the group’s first visit to Japan for their 2010 K-Pop Star Series. In the documentary entitled Yo! Tokyo, fans were able to get to know a little more about MBLAQ from the men themselves. For me, however, the sweetest revelation in this documentary was watching G.O own the fact that he pulled rank as the member of MBLAQ most favored by the more *cough* mature fan base.

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