The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 38

There are a myriad of reasons as to why I believe G.O should pursue acting (in addition to his music) and I have touched on a few of those reasons here in previous posts. I am certain to repeat those reasons a few times. This is not because I am forgetful. No. It is because I want to keep subliminally encouraging him to consider more acting roles once he  completes his military service, if he is so inclined!

In that I have already posted a little bit about his cameo role in Pure Love, talking about Salamander Guru and The Shadows is bit out of sync since it was his first role in a drama and/or sitcom. Of course, that would be the case if I were consciously posting his drama roles in order. But I am not, so it is ok to share his first non-variety, small screen role here on the 38th day of his military service.

When talking about cameos in a film or drama, I think G.O’s turn in Salamander Guru and The Shadows was more in line with what a cameo is. His role in Pure Love was a meatier role as he showed up in more than one episode and played the younger version of one of the lead characters in the drama (and definitely had more lines). In Salamander, however, he dropped in for one episode and had two scenes. It was a nice introduction to the drama world as an actor. He had some lines, but we really do not know much about his character, Myung Shik. We do know he became the unwitting recipient of a beat down from Salamander Guru, Lee Byung Joon, however. The result:

Bias down!!!!!!

Salamander Guru and The Shadows was a ten episode sitcom that aired from January to March in 2012. The show starred SHINee’s Choi Min Ho as a socially awkward computer hacker trying to piece together the mystery of his father’s death by employing the assistance of a couple of phony fortune-telling gurus.

It was cheeky and playful and host to a multitude of cameos from various celebrities in Korean entertainment (film, drama and music). Our charming main vocal G.O showed up in Episode 8. I found the bulk of the drama completely subbed in English . . . until I got to Episode 8, that is!! ><

Since I (admittedly) did not sit through the entire show and just sought out G.O’s episode, I really had no idea what was going on in his scene and why he came to see the gurus. But Myung Shik must have been caught up in some underhanded business or why else was he chased and ultimately the recipient of a kung fu smack down??!!^^

Still, in his brief moments on the screen G.O proved once again his natural acting affinity. I really feel he communicates as much with his eyes as his does with spoken word and this holds similar truth when he sings. His eyes are ever expressive. Oh, and he apparently has a dimple in his chin that I unknowingly discovered while playing screenshot olympics during this scene!


Seeing him on the small screen in these brief moments always confirms one constant and undeniable truth: the camera is in as much love with him as are his adoring fans.


[Video cr. shiningsalamanders]

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