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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 37

In December 2009, Rain took his five talented protégées to Japan to introduce them to his Japanese fans. And thus began Japan’s love affair with the glorious men living in absolute quality. The really amazing part of this moment in MBLAQ’s history was that MNET Japan decided to document the group’s first visit to Japan for their 2010 K-Pop Star Series. In the documentary entitled Yo! Tokyo, fans were able to get to know a little more about MBLAQ from the men themselves. For me, however, the sweetest revelation in this documentary was watching G.O own the fact that he pulled rank as the member of MBLAQ most favored by the more *cough* mature fan base.

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G.O (Jung Byung Hee)


When I decided upon one of the MBLAQ boys as my next K-Shot, I thought I would have immediately gone straight to Yang Seung Ho who I always felt was my favorite. And true, I could have chosen any one of the members as they all have that special something. If they didn’t, Rain would not have singled them out and groomed them as he did, right? Then I watched the Cry MV and G.O just did me in and promptly stole me away from Seung Ho. In my opinion, he has a lot of Rain quality about him. The way he moves, the way he plays to the camera, the way he delivers a song – all reminiscent of Rain. Furthermore, I think he resembles Rain very much. And, G.O is sexy. And so, of the five that could have made their way here, it is G.O who out-ranked the rest as my next K-Shot of Hot. ♥

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