When The Tears of Your Bias Beckon You


Our heart controls our inner most emotions, allowing us to be forthright, dynamic, and sometimes impulsive.

It was to be just another appearance by MBLAQ. One of those appearances where they chat a little, sing a little, then call it a night. However, the seemingly ordinary evening of October 2nd at the Hwangryeong Festival in Busan turned out to be anything but ordinary. The air seemed heavy. The mood heavier, and something simply did not feel right.


Clearly, something was truly wrong. Before I go any further, let me preface this with some pertinent information. Just one day prior to this event, MBLAQ’s agency, JTune Camp, sent out a tweet announcing two MBLAQ concerts newly scheduled in Seoul at the end of November that they were labeling Curtain Call shows. Twitter blew up. Surely, any theater aficionado would understand curtain call to mean “the final bow.”  With the sense of finality silently being spoken by way of that tweet, the fans were worried. Compounding the mystery, JTune’s explanation that it was the end of the first chapter in MBLAQ’s history with the start of a new one on the way, created more of a veil while failing to squelch the chatter and overall feelings of uncertainty bouncing from one A+ to another.

Fast forward to Busan. G.O looked stunning in his three-piece black tailored suit. Stunning.



Everything seemed to be flowing along nicely until it came to the second to last song of their performance that evening, Key. During this quiet and heartfelt love song, my bias could no longer hold on to his emotion. Without forethought or consequence, G.O openly wept during the song. Twitter once again exploded with news that G.O cried….and cried a lot.

Words simply cannot describe the heartbreak I felt as I watched him work his way through this song (one of my absolute favorites on their sixth mini-album, Broken). G.O is my bias (well-established bias at that), so watching him be so visibly upset while performing, without being in a theatrical musical performance, spoke volumes to that subconscious part of my fangirl psyche (the part that is indelibly wired to all things G.O) and I immediately knew what I had to do.  Go. To. Seoul. Yes, it became clear. It would be imperative that I return to Seoul to attend these curtain call concerts.

Nevermind the fact that the shows would occur during the Thanksgiving holiday week. Nevermind the fact that I was still trying to recover financially from two earlier trips to Seoul to see my amazing bias in two musical theater performances, Seopyeonje and The Kingdom of the Winds. Nevermind it….all. There was no negotiating. For me, his tears were a distress signal, a message…..a beckoning.


And whether these shows mark the imminent good-bye prior to his military enlistment or some other unknown, I will be there to show my love, to show my support, and to catch his tears should they fall again.

For more information and tickets, click here.

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  1. Shy says:

    reading this made me cry…i think all this uncertain news about MBLAQ has made me very sensitive. I wish I could go and see their concert too. I love your passion and dedication towards these amazing men (especially G.O.) I hope you have a nice and safe trip to Seoul.

  2. PaSia Vang says:

    I can feel your love for him in your words…not just as GO but as ByungHee too. When MBLAQ came to to San Francisco and to Vegas I was to sick to travel… I missed out on seeing them live… Again due to my health My doctors refuse to clear me to fly half way across the world… So when you go … Will you think of me for just a second… It would be like I was there too… Because I know your love for MBLaQ is true.

    • Michele says:

      Hi…thank you so much for your very warm and thoughtful comments and for visiting the blog. All I want to do is honor G.O and support him as I feel he is a truly special artist. I am sorry to hear you are not well to travel. Are you in the States? I am a relatively new fan so I completely missed out on their visit here to the States. Now it seems the only way I will ever see them is if I travel half way around the globe to do it! But, for G.O, I have no limits I guess and will go to the ends of the earth to see and support him. I will carry your thoughts and wishes with me when I go. Please email me your contact information so I may send you something from Seoul when I return. Perhaps if it is available (if they release it prior to the shows), I can bring you back a copy of their new CD.^^ You can email me at mmd517@gmail.com. I would be happy to do this for you. Do you have a bias in the group?

      I hope you return to good health soon. Take care and BIG hugs to you!!

      • PaSia Vang says:

        Your truly a beautiful soul Michele, I do live here in the states… I’ve been following mblaq since 2010 even though I knew about them before debute… They were my saving grace at a time when I thought had none left… I love them in each their own way but I love him just a little more…

      • PaSia Vang says:

        But GO has a special place in my heart too.. He’s so like a brother I had … Personality, his sometimes failed jokes, his character …So seeing him is like seeing my brother ….

      • Michele says:

        I am hopeful for a happy trip….time spent with the five of them surely will be happy!^^ Thank you…I hope to come home with many beautiful memories and interesting stories to tell!

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