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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 426

I guess you can say that I am still lost in the memories of 2014. Finding my way into the MBLAQ fandom had begun in 2014 and although the road ahead would prove to be difficult, I was prepared for the journey. Indeed I was prepared to begin experiencing the many facets of G.O’s charming personality along with his incredible talent. Today, just a quick Playful G.O moment from the 30 March 2014 Broken fan sign in Myeongdong.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 406

Tonight 우리 사이 어떻게 하죠
[Tonight, what do we do about our relationship?]
자꾸 화만 내는 그대가
[You keep getting mad]
이제는 더 지쳐 가네요
[And I’m getting tired of it now]
나는 정말 어떡해요 난
[What should I do?]

These are words I would think no one would ever want to hear from their beloved. It is a pierce to the heart alone hearing them from G.O; yet, he is dutifully in charge of those lyrics in the lithe and rhythmic break up song, 우리 사이 [Our Relationship], from MBLAQ’s masterpiece 6th mini album, Broken. Even though it is heartbreaking for me to hear G.O sing these words, my ears incessantly argue with my heart. G.O’s vocals are mellifluous and flawless, with his improvisational runs particularly beautiful. With that, even though this is a gorgeous group effort, I still place it squarely in the G.O Vocal Virtuosity category here on the countdown.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 228

I remember when I first heard 열쇠 [Key]. I thought…wow, this is exactly the kind of ballad made for G.O to sing. When MBLAQ released Broken in March 2014, I was pretty confident they were going to pair 남자답게 [Be A Man] with 우리 사이 [Our Relationship] as the teasers J Tune released seemed to indicate such. However, when MBLAQ staged their comeback and began making the rounds performing on various music programs, it was 열쇠 [Key] that became the worthy partner. They also performed 열쇠 at the Broken Showcase on 24 March 2014 and it was easy to discern the rapturous effect the beauty of the song’s melody and heartfelt lyrics had on our gentle main vocal man.

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When The Tears of Your Bias Beckon You


Our heart controls our inner most emotions, allowing us to be forthright, dynamic, and sometimes impulsive.

It was to be just another appearance by MBLAQ. One of those appearances where they chat a little, sing a little, then call it a night. However, the seemingly ordinary evening of October 2nd at the Hwangryeong Festival in Busan turned out to be anything but ordinary. The air seemed heavy. The mood heavier, and something simply did not feel right.

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