The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 252

So I went to Seoul. I was there for three weeks. It was perfect, magical even. And I did not even see my bias. Well….I guess I did, kind of. It was in his cardboard cut-out likeness at the Seocho Tourist Information Center. I admit, I was worried I would run into the real one as I was READ MORE

February 17, 2018 ~ The Dream of a Distant Celebration

I know….I know. He has only just left. But it is never too soon to plan a party, right? It has been 29 days since MBLAQ’s gorgeous main vocal G.O reported to training camp to begin his mandatory military service. On March 17th he will complete his basic training and officially move to an assigned public READ MORE

When The Tears of Your Bias Beckon You

Our heart controls our inner most emotions, allowing us to be forthright, dynamic, and sometimes impulsive. It was to be just another appearance by MBLAQ. One of those appearances where they chat a little, sing a little, then call it a night. However, the seemingly ordinary evening of October 2nd at the Hwangryeong Festival in Busan turned out to be anything READ MORE

When Your Bias Knows That Skinship is THE BEST Birthday Gift

Saturday, 17 May was my birthday and I was in Seoul. This, by far, has exceeded anything I have ever done to honor the day of my birth. In short, it was completely outrageous! But as I grow older, I am discovering that outrageous is pretty much the norm if your going to reach my READ MORE

When Your Bias Remembers YOU

Ok…since I had such an outrageously great time while in Seoul to see the amazing, extremely handsome and magnificently talented G.O in the musical Seopyeonje, it was only natural for me to want to return to Seoul to see him in this third musical, 바람의나라 (The Kingdom of the Winds). Naturally. READ MORE

A New Beginning – The Fangirl Adventure Log

On May 19, 2014 I will have been here occupying this space in the blogosphere for one year having decided to create a homage to the lovely male stars in both the Korean drama and Korean pop worlds. All total I featured a big whopping 5 ‘shots.’ Not much of an accomplishment, however, they were READ MORE

Fangirl Confessional: Forever Jung At Heart

I think I am suffering from “Double Jung Syndrome.” You know that uncontrollable and feverish urge to love on two Jungs at once? Yes, I am here to set the record straight on my fan girl affliction mostly because I have been living with the fear of being ostracized by the Cloud (Rain’s fans are READ MORE

K-Shot Postscript: Yoo Seung Ho – Pieces of Memory

Actress Ku Hye Sun is quite the renaissance woman it seems. She is pretty accomplished and not yet 30 years of age. She is an actor, director, writer, illustrator, and singer. I admit to knowing nothing about her and her short film, Pieces of Memory, featuring Yoo Seung Ho, is my intro to her.  I don’t READ MORE

K-Shot Postscript: Yoo Seung Ho – Warrior Baek Dong Soo

야뇌 (Acoustic Version) – BMK [Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST] I seriously do not know where to begin. This drama took me on such a ride, I simply was not prepared. There is so much to say about it, but since this is a postscript to my K-Shot post on Yoo Seung Ho, I am READ MORE