MBLAQ 1st Memory Project


If you have been following the journey of MBLAQ, those lovely music boys living in absolute quality, you are probably well-acquainted with the incredible photography and video work of Blaqstick. Tireless and prolific, Blaqstick never ceases to amaze me with the volume of pictures and videos they share with us. I always look forward to the exquisite offerings of this wonderful team.


What Is It?

As MBLAQ near on their 5th anniversary (and Blaqstick having completed its 2nd), the 1st Memory project was born combining this joint celebration. That project: a photo book! When I read that Blaqstick was putting together a 180-page book of their collection of MBLAQ photography, I wanted a copy….or two….or three!! Yes, that’s right 1-8-0!! Even more squee-worthy is the fact that each member is going to get their very own 30-page spread (and that is in addition to the 30 group shots that will be included).

Wait….there will be 30 pages devoted entirely to this guy??


I want. I need. I shall have!! No brainer for this out-of-control fangirl. For $38USD plus an additional EMS shipping charge (to be determined by where you live), you can own this incredible keepsake, all while supporting Blaqstick’s indomitable love and dedication for these five wonderful and talented men. Blaqstick has been documenting and bringing treasured MBLAQ moments to A+ everywhere for some time now. From performances, to fan signs, to arriving and departing airports, Blaqstick has captured it all…and in glorious HD fashion! I could not be happier to support this project.

How You Can Get It


Blaqstick has provided full and comprehensive information (and instruction) on how to order a copy of 1st Memory on their site, here. There are instructions in English, Chinese and Japanese. Team Blaqstick advised me that they can ship to just about anywhere but you can inquire and ask any further questions you may have by emailing them direct at blaqstick@gmail.com. They are very responsive and very helpful.

Don’t delay! Order your copy soon!! It appears they are taking orders until October 31, 2014 with shipment to happen some time in December. Merry MBLAQ Christmas!!!  But, if you place and pay for your order prior to October 15, you will qualify for a special promotional mini desk calendar they are giving away to five randomly selected lucky fans.

Supporting MBLAQ means not only supporting them, but supporting each other. To me, that is a fandom creed. Love your group. Love your bias. Love each other. It’s that simple!

[Image credit: Blaqstick]


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