I’m Walking On Sunshine – The Sunshine Blogger Award


An award? For moi?!! I am duly humbled and deliciously delighted that my dearest, sweetest (and inspiring) friend, Kfangurl of The Fangirl Verdict felt that I brought a little sunshine to her life and, as a result, nominated me for a Sunshine Award. And, if that wasn’t enough, my little baby MBLAQ sister, Nelly of MyMyooz also nominated me. Really, though, if ever there were rays of sunshine both here in the blogosphere and simply in general, these two darling ladies are all that and more! Kfangurl and I go way back…way, way back and I am one lucky blogger to have her in my corner as both mentor and friend. Nelly and I bonded and I mean BONDED over our mutual love, respect, and ardent adoration of MBLAQ’s main lead vocal, G.O, and this is a bond that will never be broken even in light of the latest news of alleged departure of two of the five members of the group. But…please, let’s not go there right now, because I just can’t….

So let me first say thank you to both Kfangurl and Nelly for the nom – I love both of you, lots!! Like this:

More Dork Action

And now, what’s the deal with this award?


The Sunshine Award is a virtual award making its way through the blogging world and is being given to bloggers by fellow bloggers who they find to be inspirational and positive. I am honored that Kfangurl and Nelly feel that I am both.♥

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate a few other bloggers.
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominate.
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog.
  • Put the award button on your blog.

So follow my ray of sunshine and let’s begin.

The Questions

From Kfangurl:

1.  What’s your favorite K-drama?


I would have to say my favorite is the first I ever watched, Coffee Prince. I think this was a great intro to Korean drama. I had no reference point and thought all of the characters fit into this gender-bending story quite nicely. It also tackled the oft-times taboo world of homosexuality which I thought was brave and handled well. But that is because Gong Yoo was agonizingly convincing as man struggling with the realization that he is attracted to another man (well, what he thought was a man). Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye made this drama work. They were believable, endearing, and relatable. The supporting cast was also very good.

I particularly liked Han Gyul’s halmeoni played by Kim Young Ok. She was feisty and snarky…but complete butter when grandson Han Gyul (Gong Yoo) teased and lovingly cajoled her. In fact, now that I think about it, Gong Yoo had wonderful chemistry with his entire supporting cast and an especially potent chem with his leading lady, Eun Hye.

One thing is for sure, my first drama set the tone for a drama kiss that not too many have lived up to since. But my fave kiss in Coffee Prince was not the kiss many probably think. Mine showed up in my fave scene of the drama when Han Gyul, no longer able to fight his feelings, confronts Go Eun Chan (who he still believes is a man) with a combination of overwhelming attraction and confusion and in that moment of complete pathos, surrenders to his heart’s calling. Gong Yoo was brilliant in this scene. You can feel every emotion along with him.

2.  What is your favorite K-movie?

Most of the K-movies I have watched have been a result of research. Back in the day when my blog focused on a particular K-actor and/or K-musician in what I called a K-Shot of Hot, I would dive deep into the works of that particular Shot. It was then that I watched any movie that Shot starred in, if I had access to it. Otherwise, I mostly stuck to drama. My choices are limited then to those films of  Rain, Hyun Bin and Yoo Seung Ho. And, Rain wins with I’m A Cyborg But That’s Okay.


I absolutely adored this movie in all of its blatant quirkiness. But I am a bit of a quirk so it should come as no surprise that this movie resonated with me. An unconventional love story set in a mental institution (well….that part doesn’t really resonate – but the overall quirkiness of the story most certainly does), it was the performances of both Rain and Im Soo Jung under the eclectic eye of director Park Chan Wook that made this a win for me. Oh..it’s out there. But if you are familiar with Park Chan Wook’s work, you will agree that his films are a bit unconventional. I could go into the entire whack story line and try to describe it, but you will think you are listening to someone tripping on LSD. Instead, I will share two of the more memorable moments for me in this film. Exhibit A:  The delicious kiss Rain and Im Soo Jung shared:


Exhibit B: The yodel song. Yes…Rain yodels and does it pretty well:

If you don’t mind a little ‘out there’ then you might want to check this one out. It’s not for everyone but if you give it a chance, you might enjoy it!

3.  What is your favorite thing about blogging?

It has become a creative outlet for me and a place for me to gush about my bias.


(Yeah…him, again!)

Additionally, it has become a great place for me to share my outrageous adventures in fangirling. Hmm…I rather like the sound of that. Might have to consider a title change…or perhaps just a tagline.^^ It also has become a link to meeting like-minded people, not only in way of mutual love for Korean entertainment, but in the shared enjoyment of writing….(the K-entertainment part is a HUGE bonus, however)! I am not going to find too many people who will let me squee out of control over the young and sexy Korean men…..ahem, MAN (oh my bias has a tight grip and short leash on me all right) constantly diverting my attention away from that so-called real life.

4.  How do you balance blogging with Real Life? Assuming you have a Real Life.

I can’t and I don’t. That pretty much sums it up for me. Clearly my real life has taken (and continues to do so) a backseat to my blogging and, well, adventuring lives. The premise of my blog is to document my outrageous adventures in fangirling (yep I definitely need to use that as my tagline) and so it goes that I must procure those adventures at all costs. Case in point:

I am ditching my family for the second year in a row during Thanksgiving to leave the country to be with my bias. More on that adventure to come…. <kekekeke>

5.  Which kdrama character (does not have to be a lead character) would you like to date in real life?

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 4.01.44 PM

Yep…this is SO predictable, I know…I KNOW! In my defense, I would date this guy for a few reasons and all of them good! First of all, this is G.O of MBLAQ who had a minor role in 유령 (Ghost/Phantom) as cyber detective, Lee Tae Kyun. I think everyone in the world who knows me knows that I have a big love for this guy. BIG. HUGE. Lee Tae Kyun (or Detective Cute…that’s what I called him while watching this drama) was a former computer gamer who joins the cyber investigative team of the Korean national police force lead by So Ji Sub who are investigating the murder of a young actress who was mixed up in all kinds of bad. Tae Kyun is a brilliant computer geek. Oh right there is a win for me.

He is very much dedicated to his work and sometimes that includes having a drink or two with his colleagues. Clearly he is not a drinker (this is a plus) but when he does drink…it brings out the geek in him even more.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.31.25 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.31.16 PM

Omgeeee…..adorable drunk computer geek detective man!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 3.30.30 PM

After I help him nurse that cruel hangover he most likely would experience, he would be back to his brilliant self and really, he’d be perfect for me. ALL of my computer equipment (and gadgetry) would be in working order all of the time. Who doesn’t want a computer geek in the family??? Second, he’s a police officer, a detective. That’s just hot. And, I would be completely safe and very protected under his watchful Scorpio eyes (this is if Tae Kyun is born under the sign of Scorpio like G.O).  Finally, he is just so freaking kind, thoughtful and sweet.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 6.39.57 PM

6.  Which kdrama character (again, does not have to be a lead character) would you like to be BFFs with in real life?


Arang from Arang and The Magistrate. Arang is a gutsy, no-nonsense gal with a heart of gold, gumption and very a handsome boyfriend. I figure if I hung out with her I may land myself a man of equal ilk via association! Arang having a magistrate as a boyfriend would ultimately keep us both out of trouble. I obviously have a penchant for authority figures. See Number 5 above.

With Arang, I would have many amazing adventures and I could talk her out of all those ridiculous noble but idiotic decisions she makes – I would use tough love and she would thank me in the end.  She could teach me how to run, climb and jump in a hanbok…hey, could be useful some day!^^

7.  If you could re-cast any kdrama, which roles would you re-cast, and with whom?


During the first couple of episodes of The Musical starring Daniel Choi and Ku Hye Sun, I kept envisioning G.O in Daniel Choi’s role as Hong Jae Hee, a musical theater composer. Given G.O’s recent success in both Seopyeonje and The Kingdom of the Winds, I could easily see him in a role that had something to do with musical theater. Also, given the fact that G.O is also a composer, albeit in the more popular music sense, I could really see him in this kind of role. Then, when I got to see Daniel get his kiss on with Ok Joo Hyun, I really wanted to see G.O in that role.

But my tune changed as the drama progressed as I began to loathe Ku Hye Sun. Knowing Jae Hee falls head over smitten heels with her very annoying character, Ko Eun Bi, I was like…ok, NO! Inasmuch as I  disliked the 2nd female lead character, Bae Kang Hee (but not the actress who portrayed her, Ok Joo Hyun) who was Jae Hee’s first love, I would have rather she left her husband and returned to Jae Hee, (yeah, they had history those two..steamy, hot history at that) then have him end up with Eun Bi. See, Kang Hee dumped Jae Hee and married musical theater producer, Han Sang Won (Kim Hyun Sung) to secure her career as a musical theater actress. Devastated, Jae Hee leaves Korea, leaves musical theater, and begins composing pop songs in the US. After several years of healing, he returns to Korea.

Kang Hee (now married) tries to rekindle their passionate love (seriously?). Not ideal for a girl to dump the man she really loves to marry for selfish and clearly self-indulgent reasons, breaking that man’s heart into five catrillion pieces and then…when he returns automatically feels privileged to have him back totally forgetting she is…uh…MARRIED! Not cool. So, with hesitation, I could see G.O in the role if things were changed up a little…maybe. G.O would have rocked the broken heart thing, though. Oh yes indeed, that man is replete with emotion and not afraid to show it.

Another thing is for sure. G.O would have steamed up screens across the dramasphere kissing Joo Hyun. I mean…can you imagine him in scenes like these:


  Oy!! Dying at the thought of that.

8. If you could say one thing to any actor or actress in k-ent, who would you pick, and what would you say to him/her?


Yeo Jin Goo!!!! Where did you learn to kiss like that? You are only 17!!!! Wait…did he turn 18 yet? Regardless, he’s a pup and can already throw down some serious kiss action as he adeptly displayed opposite Ha Yeon Soo (7 years his senior) in Potato Star:

Boy, please.

From Nelly:

1.  Who is your favorite third wheeler in kdrama?

Thinking over my drama list (which is not very extensive), I was trying to comb my brain for that third wheel. I don’t know if this character would necessarily constitute a ‘third wheel’ but I am going to say Yoon Sang Hyun’s Oska in Secret Garden.


His true love is engaged to his cousin Joo Won (Hyun Bin). So there is a bit of a third wheel situation going on there. Likewise, he seems to have nonchalantly (and with no real agenda) ingratiated himself between Joo Won (again) and Gil Ram Im. I enjoyed the drama and it wasn’t all because of the leads. I happened to really like Oska. His evolution throughout the course of the show, from petulant aging idol to basically settling into his age and working from that point, made him endearing. I thought he was hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him. Plus, I think he is a cutie!^^

2.  Name a kdrama you love but no one else seems to enjoy it.
Operation Proposal. It was the overall message of this drama that I loved: to effectuate change in your life you simply cannot expect to “do over” and attempt to manipulate the situation to your liking and expect change. Kang Baek Ho kept going back in time to try to prevent the marriage of his best friend, Ham Yi Seul, to another man because he realizes (at the wedding) that he is love with her and that he should be the man she is marrying. Each time he travels back in time something happens, but it isn’t the something he anticipates. It was such a clear message (to me, any way) that change has to come from within. HE needed to change. Kind of zen, right? I loved the Ground Hog Day & Field of Dreams elements in this drama. But what I loved the most was Yoo Seung Ho’s poignant performance and the lovely chemistry he had with co-star, Park Eun Bin. The speech Baek Ho gives that is captured on video and played at Yi Seul’s wedding is a master acting class by Seung Ho. It tore me up. For real.
 3.  If you can go noraebang with, who would you go and why?
Oh gawwwwd, really? No brainer. G.O and we would sing the entire Tykeys album, Ty Project No. 1. We would need to bring Mir along to fill in on the rap sections of the songs.
Admittedly, I would never come close to even remotely sounding like Baek Soo Kyung (WHERE IS SHE??) but I would certainly enjoy singing Old & Young opposite G.O since I am his noona and all. Oh, and it would be imperative that we re-enact the MV scene-for-scene. ^.~
4.  If there’s a song that can sum up all about you, what song is it?
I think this kind of sums up exactly what I am going through these days and, it’s ok.^^
5.  What is one Korean food you have been craving but yet to try?
6.  Who is your favorite singer/group?
Talented, handsome, gregarious, unique, sophisticated, and an all around class act, MBLAQ has captured my attention, while G.O has captured my heart. I have a combined sense of happiness and sadness when it comes to MBLAQ given the recent news of Joon and Cheondung departing. But…I remain hopeful that the remaining members carry on as a trio. Whatever they do collectively or separately is no matter. They will always have my support and G.O, my heart.♥
Ok, that wraps it up for me. Now for my nominations and questions.

My Nominations

The collective team of Terri and Stephe at CloudUSA. I happen to know and love these amazing ladies both here in blogland and in real life. They are truly positive, inspirational, and a whole lot more.

Next, I nominate my Tumblr partner at Byung Hee World, the gregarious Nelly from MyMyooz. Nelly doesn’t know this, but she will never get rid of me. I am both fan and stalker!! Kidding…kidding!! Really though, I could not ask for a better partner to squee, drool, fawn and completely spazz over G.O with. She inspires and is positive and is the perfect balance to my crazy!! Plus, in this difficult time for G.O and MBLAQ, it is good to have a thoughtful and understanding bestie as we both begin to mend our broken hearts in anticipation of a very unknown future. Love is beautiful pain, eh Nelly?

My Questions

1.  If you could be a member in any K-pop group (past or present), which one would it be and what would be your specialty (main vocal, visual, dance, rap)?

2.  You win a contest to have your fave K-artist (musician or actor…or both) visit your hometown. Where would you take him or her first and why?

3.  Who is your favorite actor (Korean or other) and what genre would you like to see him in that he has not yet explored?

4.  Have you ever successfully converted someone into a K-music or K-drama lover? If so, what was your strategy?

5.  Who would you like to see your fave K-artist collaborate with?

6.  What (or who) inspires you most about blogging?

Have at it nominees!!!!^^

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  1. kfangurl says:

    D’aw! Loved this post, Michele!! ❤

    Coffee Prince is such a great first drama, seriously. And I LOVED that alien kiss myself. GY really killed it, and I’m a big puddle every time I watch that scene! And Arang is SUCH a great pick for a BFF! I LUFF HER. ❤

    Like you, I loved Operation Proposal as well. I think we might be 2 of maybe 4 people in the whole dramaverse to actually like that show! XD

    YES. Outrageous adventures in fangirling should TOTALLY be your tagline! It’s catchy, and so true! I can’t believe you’re going to be in Korea again so soon! Spill, I want to know the whole story!! Plus, you should totally go eat some kimbap while you’re there – if there’s anywhere to get good kimbap it’s in Korea! 😉

    • Michele says:

      Oh…I knew you would approve of Coffee Prince and Arang and I do recall us discussing OP and that you liked it as well and that we were probably the only two people who did…but Nelly is part of our OP-tribe as she enjoyed it as well. I don’t know..there was just something that resonated with me about it. By the end (especially that wedding video scene), the story had completely taken hold of me. The scenes with the time traveler provider got more and more poignant as the drama progressed and the ultimate revelation of who he was just hit me so deeply in the heart. Sigh…yes, I did like OP very much for probably all kinds of unconventional reasons but, hey….different strokes, right?

      The alien kiss in Coffee Prince will go down in drama history for me as one of the most well-executed scenes that I have ever seen and it was all Gong Yoo (and that song playing in the background….sheesh!). On a rewatch of the drama, when I got to that ep and in particular, that scene, I completely lost it. I had forgotten how powerful that moment was for Han Gyul and how amazing Gong Yoo delivered that scene. It is just perfect. I had to stop watching at that point to recover a bit before continuing. *fangirl down*

      As for my next adventure, I sum up why, where, and when in my post When The Tears of Your Bias Beckon You. In early October, it was announced that MBLAQ would be putting on two concerts in Seoul mysteriously entitled “Curtain Call.” Yes, the implication of that title certainly made all of us believe it was the end. And JTune was not very forthcoming and actually quite vague about what it all meant…wrapping up the first 5 years of MBLAQ and starting a second chapter. I was not at ease but told myself…well, G.O did mention back in July that he would be doing another musical in the new year. So, I took a deep breath and told myself to hold on and wait.

      Then, on October 2, at an appearance in Busan, G.O openly started to cry during the second to last song of their set. When I saw that, the first words out of my mouth were, “I must go to Seoul.” And so the plan to attend those Curtain Call shows began. I have all of my tickets firmly purchased, the time off, and now I just wait….wait until I can go be with my bias on what could be the very last time MBLAQ is together as a five member group. With MS on the horizon, I don’t know if my beautiful bias will be cast in another musical prior thereto…so I had to make my move to see him while I could and so in a short 7 month span, I will take my 3rd trip to Seoul to see G.O. I am not staying long because I want to preserve vacation time in the event he is cast in another musical in 2015 so it will be short and sweet….well, short, sad and sweet, I suppose. >.<

      Sigh………he indeed means more to me than I can even comprehend at this point.^^

      • kfangurl says:

        Wow. I’ve just read your Tears Beckon entry, and watched the video you embedded, and digested this comment, and I can only imagine what an overwhelming time this must be for you, my dear. :/ I’m so sorry to hear that all this upheaval is going on in your fangirl life, and I can only imagine what an emotional trip this is going to be for you.

        The only thing I can say is, from the little that I know of GO through your sharing, he sounds like someone who has the passion to continue with music and possibly acting, regardless of what happens on the MBLAQ front. I can well imagine him having a successful solo career, with potential reunions with his MBLAQ brothers for special collaborations. And I know that whatever career choices he makes, and whatever direction his career takes, that he will have your unwavering support. I think that is the silver lining in all of this; that he isn’t the type to give up. Even if the group changes or disbands altogether, even if he chooses to do his MS now before starting a new chapter, there will BE a new chapter, because his passion will not allow otherwise. So take comfort in that, my dear. Sending you lots of big hugs. Love ya.

  2. missienelly says:

    Kyaaaaa, I loved your responses to mine and kfangurl’s questions! And you nominated me again? I really can’t get rid of you, can I now? *giggles*

    Wae you haven’t tried kimbap? Make sure you try one when you’re there!

    I loved Operation Proposal too! Well, not just because I’m biased for Yoo Seung Ho even though at this point I sounded like I am, but for the story itself. I loved his determination for going back in time to fix things right, to fix how it should be between him and her, and to make a point that she too is as much in love with him as he is to her! 🙂

    And I loved how many G.O’s pics flying in this post. L.O.V.E!

    • Michele says:

      No..you cannot get rid of me!!! And naturally you knew I’d probably find a way to get as many G.O pictures in this post as feasibly possible. Oh…Operational Proposal, I just loved it. I really did. Yoo Seung Ho was so good in it and yes, I, too, really liked the story. It is also a great commentary on the idea that you don’t always know what the consequences of your choices and actions will be and so it is important you tread carefully when making choices or taking those actions, as they can be life-altering.
      I will definitely get me some authentic kimbap this next round in Seoul!!^^

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