When Your Bias Knows That Skinship is THE BEST Birthday Gift

GO birthday CUTE OMG

Saturday, 17 May was my birthday and I was in Seoul. This, by far, has exceeded anything I have ever done to honor the day of my birth. In short, it was completely outrageous! But as I grow older, I am discovering that outrageous is pretty much the norm if your going to reach my age and decide to become a raging fangirl! Yes, raging – there is no other way to describe what my life has evolved into over the past year. And to think, it all started so innocently with Gong Yoo, Yoon Eun Hye and a coffee shop! But, I digress – let’s get to the real adventure here, the G.O adventure! ^^

I woke up the morning of the 17th after about a few hours of sleep (jet lag) full of excitement. Not only because I was going to see G.O again in 바람의나라 (The Kingdom of the Winds) – and twice because there were two performances that day – but I was also going to see my friend, Yuko who I had met after Seopyeonje last month. Yuko  is so lovely and I am convinced a G.O magnet!!

Yuko was going to arrive Seoul in the afternoon on the 17th and was hoping to make the first show at 3:00 PM. I know all too well the trials of getting to the theatre on time. She ended up missing the first act of the 3:00 PM show but caught the second act and would be there for the full 7:00 PM show. After the first show, we met up, went to grab some coffee and took some time to chat and catch up. We also had our way with Prince Hodong!!



The shows were every bit as wonderful as the first time I saw it. In fact, they were better because having read the subtitles the first time around, I knew what was going on and what was being said. Having the subtitles enriched the experience all that much more for me.

I even tried for more curtain call pictures and managed a couple. I don’t know what it is…I point a camera at him and I spazz. WTH?? LOL!




Since Yuko and I were not seated together, we had a rendezvous point to meet up for Operation G.O Post Show!! We both wondered if we would see him. We were hopeful because when you come right down to it, this man loves and appreciates his fans. Truly. Genuinely. Honestly.

Following the show, we headed to the Stage Door and waited. Sure enough out he came – smiling, engaging, friendly, gracious. Both Yuko and I had gifts for him which we were successful in personally handing to him.  It is always such a nice feeling knowing that a gift from your own hands makes it truly into his.

He moved cautiously through the crowd, down a flight of stairs to the main floor and headed to the parking garage (different place than the first night I saw him). It was pretty chaotic but we all managed to stay with him. I tried to capture some of those moments. Let’s just say I am VERY good at getting blurry pictures of him OR pictures of the back of his gorgeous head!




Kyaaaaa! Those shoulders!!



See what I mean?^^

Once in the stairwell of the parking garage it was pretty crazy – but he kept moving and talking. He is so charming…seriously! He eventually made it to the car. I really wanted him to get safely to that car. Safely in…we all crowded close in to the passenger side of the car. I swear, I don’t know who I am sometimes because I actually found myself smiling and waving with the rest of the fangirls to a closed, tinted car window!! I call this lost in a fangirl haze. Sometimes we know not what we do!

But…G.O has indeed spoiled his G.Oddesses. We know he will roll that window down at some point and say his good-byes as well as offer his warm, soft hand. Aieeeesh, this man! The window came down and he reached out. I managed to grab ahold of his hand (oh….skinship) and at precisely that moment, Yuko gave me the best birthday present EVER by capturing it for me.


Give me a moment while I swoon.

After this initial grab, he recognized me and switched the grasp to a finger-threaded palm-to-palm hand hold. He switched it and it was not weak. He gives me a good squeeze! OMG THIS MAN!! He must know that such a subtle nuance like that means so much to us. So. Extremely. Thoughtful.

As the car slowly pulled away he waved and said “Byeeeeeee!” Most of the time he is speaking Korean but now that I think back to the times he saw me, he made a point to speak some English, even if it was simply ‘bye’ or ‘thank you’.

Now, THAT was a birthday!!! Love him.♥


  1. kfangurl says:

    WHAT. A. BIRTHDAY. my dear!! 😀 Props to you for making your birthday celebration this year your most outrageous one yet! Just goes to prove that as time goes by, you just get more awesome, is all 😉 Happy birthday again, I’m so happy for you that you totally celebrated in style ❤

    • Michele says:

      Hey sweetie!! Can you believe how much I growed up as a fangirl in the past year? Bwaaahahhaaa! I honestly cannot remember a birthday where I went this out of control. Kind of has me worried about what my next one will bring! I don’t think we should limit our celebration to just one day of the year. I say celebrate life as if every day was a birthday! Yeah…I like that idea!! You are next! I hope you are gearing up for hearty celebration. Start now….and let it sparkle each day after!! Hugs!!!!!

    • Michele says:

      Hi Patsiii dear!!! Clearly, I am out of control. ^^ It was the best. In fact, I almost cannot wait for the next one to see what crazy stunt I will pull. Even I can no longer imagine what my adventurous fangirll self will conjure up!!! LOL!

  2. Jaime the Drama Noona says:

    I am exceptionally jealous that you got to see your bias and he held your hand! Amazing! What an experience! Seriously, that has got to be so surreal even though you have picture evidence!

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