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On May 19, 2014 I will have been here occupying this space in the blogosphere for one year having decided to create a homage to the lovely male stars in both the Korean drama and Korean pop worlds. All total I featured a big whopping 5 ‘shots.’ Not much of an accomplishment, however, they were all worthy of having a spot in this weak homage! I can say with honesty I loved on each of them very much and can only hope I did them some (a little) justice.

I have been reflecting a lot recently over how to continue, if at all. Indeed my space here has grown into more than just a place to ogle and spazz over cute Korean boys in the K-entertainment world. I have extended love here to TVXQ exclusively as well as MBLAQ. I also took you along with me on my fangirl adventures. (I have done some crazy shiz over the past year and show no signs of stopping, much to my mother’s dismay).

Likewise when Cloud USA asked me to become a staff writer for their wonderful blog, I jumped right in to help spread some Rain love in the world.

It has been a blast and I have loved every minute of it. I have also met so many wonderful people as a result of taking this journey. So even though a part of me was ready to wrap it up and call it quits, the writer, spazztastic fangirl me interceded to remind me that stopping was not an option.

What to do? Well, I thought it out. I definitely enjoy writing about Korea, the culture, the music, the drama, and, yes, the boys. And I want to stay here. So I decided to keep expanding with what I have been doing but not make the site exclusive to K-Shotting. The current and resident Shots will stay (they were after all the impetus to get me here).

And you may see me focus on someone again exclusively in the future (that is if Jung Byung Hee will let me look at someone else) but not as extensive. I also plan to continue loving on MBLAQ and TVXQ (especially G.O and Junsu, respectively).



Can ya blame me???!!!

So, in sum, Your Daily K-Shot of Hot will be retired and The Fangirl Adventure Log born, well, promoted (since it does essentially exist here as a category of its own). It just seems more fitting at this point and definitely has a nice ring to it!

Transition may be slow as all new headers will have to be made and some reorganizing done. But I think eventually I will get the blog to where I want it to be and hopefully you will all still visit…please!

I cannot even begin to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone who has supported, encouraged, followed, tweeted, commented, reblogged and simply stopped by to have a look. I am eternally grateful to you all!

♥ ♥ ♥



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