Fangirl Confessional: Forever Jung At Heart

GO and Rain

I think I am suffering from “Double Jung Syndrome.” You know that uncontrollable and feverish urge to love on two Jungs at once? Yes, I am here to set the record straight on my fan girl affliction mostly because I have been living with the fear of being ostracized by the Cloud (Rain’s fans are called ‘Clouds’) community for showering my love, affection and attention on another Jung besides Jung Ji Hoon – Jung Byung Hee (also known as G.O, main vocalist for MBLAQ).

First things, first. I am a bona fide Cloud. Yes, I am officially official having recently registered with Rain’s fan club, The Cloud, during the 9th round of fan recruitment. The last time registration was open was in 2010 (well before I even knew who Rain was), so it has been a long time coming and many fans (me included) were anxiously awaiting the opportunity to join the club on a more comprehensive level. That is to say, to become a fan with benefits! Benefits like privy to fan meets, merchandise, concert tickets, and the like prior to any of that becoming available to the general public.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 3.32.34 PM

Yay!! That little pink cloud beside my name means I’m in! I am IN the club!! And, I am thrilled to be a card holding Cloud and part of Rain’s immense community of fans throughout the world. I guess you can say I am on ‘Cloud 9’ about it. ^^


Even though Rain was not my first K-crush, he most certainly was my first K-love. He was the first Korean star (pop or otherwise) for whom I left my home, got on a plane and went to see in person. He is the first Korean star I saw perform live. And, he was the first Korean star to completely mesmerize me and capture my heart.

When I decided to join the wonderful world of blogging, I opted to create a general blog where I could essentially fangirl to my heart’s content over the gorgeous men of the Korean entertainment world. My very first K-Shot post was of Rain.  I will continue to blog about him here (in fact, I am kind of doing it now, right? – heheheheh). My blog is not exclusive to Rain. However, if you have read any of my subsequent posts about a featured K-Shot, Rain always makes an appearance in the post in some way, shape or form.

I also recently became a Staff Writer for US Cloud central, Cloud USA – the premier site for all things Rain established here in the US. And although I am still getting my footing there, I am having such a blast writing about Rain exclusively (well, I do tend to love on his crew every now and then) and currently have two ongoing retrospective series looking back on Rain’s commercial film work and Inkigayo stage performances.

I think it is well-established that I like Rain, and I like him a lot. A LOT! ^^ He is securely ensconced in my heart.


But the heart has four chambers. So in my guess-timation, there is always room to love on more. This is where I find myself now with Jung No. 2, Jung Byung Hee.

Gorgeoulicious GO

Is it me or does he have a striking resemblance to Rain?

G.O came at me with a force I was not fully prepared for. As I said in my K-Shot post about him, I actually decided to feature him because I wanted to give fellow blogger, Nelly at MyMyooz, some extra squee time because I knew she had a little thing going on for G.O. As I am a Rain fan, I was familiar with MBLAQ. I knew of them, had heard a couple of songs, but my interest was light at best. That was until I met G.O head on in my post. I thought since I had slight crushes on my previous K-Shots in the past that my interest would wane and pass in due time.

It did not and still has not.

G.O captured me in the same way Rain did. He did it with his indelible talent, gregarious personality, humble and gracious fan service, and smile. He also knows how to throw a wicked wink at you when you least expect it.


And like Rain, this young man is full of talent. Talent that sometimes renders me stunned and in complete awe. So I really am at a loss as to why there are so many Rain fans who dislike either him and/or MBLAQ. I must be missing something or in my limited knowledge of both Rain and MBLAQ simply do not know enough of the history. I came across this snapshot of Rain and the boys taken shortly before Rain was heading into the Army back in 2011. Apparently, the boys tweeted the picture with the message:  “Hyung! Thank you again today.”


I would think Rain has to be pretty proud of them and they eternally grateful to him.

So why do I feel like I risk being ostracized because I adore G.O. Yes, like I adore Rain, I adore G.O. ♥

Ostracize. Sounds pretty harsh, right? Well I once was called out by a fellow Cloud because she was none too pleased that there were ‘other’ men on my blog. Really? I had to explain in close to 5 messages to her that my blog was not Rain-specific even though he has a very strong presence here.

I was further set on notice by another Cloud to be careful about what I post, tweet or otherwise (unless it was about Rain, of course) because some Clouds watch this kind of stuff and would be pretty much unforgiving if I even hint at admiring someone else.

I am kind of walking a fine line, right? >.<

I decided to throw caution to the wind. Instead of hiding or limiting my social networking admiration to a select few friends who know about my G.O love, I thought I would come out completely and set it all out in the open here on my blog. My blog where I come to admire lovely Korean men in the lovely world of Korean entertainment. Rain and G.O both are lovely Korean men who are very much a part of, and duly well-established in, the lovely world of Korean entertainment.

I think my fangirl love is well-placed actually. And I think I have pretty good taste.

Bi GO collage

And if you are wondering whether Byung Hee is capable of getting me out the door and on a plane to go see him perform in some capacity the same way Ji Hoon was, the answer to that question is a huge, resounding ‘YES’! I will be heading back to Seoul in April to support him in his role as Dong Ho in the musical Seopyeonje. It will be his second musical theater role and I couldn’t be more excited for him. Plus, I get to go back to Seoul. Win-win!


Finally, as I have my side project for Rain as part of Cloud USA, I likewise have a small side gig for G.O. One day Nelly (MyMyooz) nonchalantly suggested that we start a G.O blog together but we quickly nixed that idea seeing how we both have blogs of our own that tend to keep us relatively busy amid all of the other busy we deal with on a day-to-day basis. So to make it simple, we put together a Tumblr page where are just dumping pictures, gifs and anything else we can get our hands on about G.O. It is simply our little place to love on him exclusively. You can ogle him there, if you like, at Byung Hee World over on Tumblr.

*Deep sigh*

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  1. Myriam Morales Baillon says:

    Loved your post Michelle!
    Thaught you were a Rain fan way back in time but anyway we are family
    Now Pinky Cloud member of The Clouds but we have another interests in commom and love of Korean Culture (in more than one way)
    XOXO from Spain

    • Michele says:

      Thank you my sweet!! If it wasn’t for you, I probably would have not come to know the amazingness of Junsu (who I absolutely love, as you know) and my only regret is that I wasn’t on board completely with MBLAQ while we were in Seoul as I would have tagged along with both you and Marisol to fangirl it up over them with you!!

      I am a pretty new fan to all things K, actually and am definitely a newer Cloud. I will become A+ as soon as I can figure out how to do it!!! ^^

      Yes, we share lots in common with Rain at the base for it was because of him I met your beautiful self along with a host of other amazing Clouds that crazy night outside the West Gate at DEMA as we patiently waited for Rain to be set free from the ROK Army!! What a night that was.

      I know we will all meet again for something K-inspired be it Rain, MBLAQ, JYJ, or someone else and will do it in Seoul or somewhere (anywhere) our collective K-heart take us. I am blessed to you know and grateful we met.

      Smooches!!! xxoxoxox

    • Michele says:

      Yup! There are plenty of Clouds who like MBLAQ and plenty of A+ who like Rain. At the end of the day, it’s all good! ^^

  2. evez says:

    …annyeong Michele!…miss this blog M-U-C-H……and high five with that two adorable Jungs you’re loving!…in the world of fandoming how can you not love another one?…it’s hard to restraint and be faithful hahahaha!!!…with that adorable looks and extraordinaire talents how can you not love both?….<3<3<3 😉

    • Michele says:

      Evez you are the sweetest!!!! Happy to see you here, as always!! My heart is completely Jung-ed up. Those two Jungs have me in a tailspin most of the time over their collective fabulousness. They both rock the cute so well, have amazing smiles and are just ridiculously talented. It is sometimes overwhelming but I keep diving back in for more! I love them both lots!!! They keep this fangirl heart of mine beating good and strong!♥♥♥

  3. Cloud USA says:

    Reblogged this on Cloud USA and commented:
    For the record, Michele, you have every right to support G.O if you so desire. The guy has so much talent and certainly deserves it… even Rain saw that and handpicked him for MBLAQ, did he not? You’ve made your respect and love for Rain quite clear. Adoration for his junior eagle brother doesn’t take away from that. 🙂 — Stephe ^@@^

  4. Cloud USA says:

    What? I love G.O! He’s an extremely talented vocalist. Amazing voice. Why in the world would anyone care how many K-idols we admire? How silly they are.

    Have you seen his TYKEYS MVs (otherwise known as “Before MBLAQ”)? Talented group. The only reason he didn’t make it big back then was because their company went bankrupt. Sad.

    But at least MBLAQ got him. (Yay!)

    Terri :-}

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