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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 371

Wow…we are less than a month away from hitting Day 400!! You are going to have go along with me here when I get excited about these upcoming mini milestone moments. Four hundred days, though. Remember back when G.O left for training camp and we all let out this incredible and I suspect quite audible ‘ugggggggh….730 days’? I remember. I remember having to comfort a few by reminding them that it will go by quickly and it has! Ok, I will slow down here for now and try to contain my excitement. It is only Day 371, but is a G.O One Shot .gif day. Seems like a nice day to throw some G.O love out into the blogosphere!^^

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 187

내게 변치 않는 건 나의 가슴속에 살아 숨 쉬고 있다는걸
The one thing that doesn’t change
is that you are breathing as you live in my heart.

Okay…..I love this line in Nassun and G.O’s digital single One. What is even better is that the line is delivered vocally by G.O and not buried in one of Nassun’s rap stanzas in the song. Nothing against rap…no, I am totally amenable to it, especially when it is being intertwined, encircled and embraced by G.O’s sweet voice. That line is simply one that aches for a sweet voice to sing it, even if not contained in a ballad, but in a pop/rap tune. G.O is the perfect choice and probably only sounded sweeter in Damiano’s No Diet or MBLAQ’s You’re My A+.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 127

Out of all of G.O’s Heavenly Collaborations, none were as visually provocative as O-IWI-O with Nassun. From the MV to the live on stage performances, Nassun’s swag and rap combined with G.O’s handsome and voice were a match made entertainment heaven.

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[series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee: #11 ~ It Takes Deux


Duet. A performance by two people, especially singers. Two voices locked in perfect harmony, emotion and delivery. But, it is more than that. In a July 2012 interview with ABC News about sharing the stage with another vocalist in a duet, R&B singer Robin Thicke summed it up nicely when he said:

“It’s not about singing with perfect pitch or timing, it’s about feeling. All art is supposed to create feeling and if you sing with passion and you sing from your soul then people will feel it.”

People will feel it. I think he was talking about G.O, right? There is perhaps no truer way to describe the type of vocalist G.O set out to become and thus accomplished: A vocalist who sings with passion from the soul. Indeed. It may seem that all of the passion, emotion and feeling he brings to a song could not possibly be tempered (or matched) when partnered in a duet. I assure you, however, there is something special about the way G.O settles into a duet and lends his passion, emotion and feeling to the dynamic. For me, this is yet another reason to love this very talented man and his incredible artistry as a vocalist.

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Breaking News: Happy Birthday, Michele!

Well…….this was quite the birthday surprise!!! The gift of Byung Hee is forever a great thing filled with sweetness! But the gift of friendship is even more special. I am thankful this birthday for many things and having dear sweet friends like Miss Nelly is definitely one of them!

Thank you, Nelly for this gem of a gift and for your friendship!!❤️


Yeap, today is my MBLAQ eonnie’s bashing birthday!!! Happy birthday, Michele!!!! Will you blow that candles? Pretty please?

First, let’s celebrate your birthday with this fabulous song by G.O and Nassun! L.O.V.E!!!!! *dance*

Next, Play That Song because really… this song is so warm it represents YOU as the ever warmest G.O’s fan I’ve known to date!


And the next song is as beautiful as you are, inside and out! You are truly an inspiration for all MBLAQ A+ out there! No one can ever top you when comes to loving GO. This is the truth and I’m proud of you and grateful to know you. I feel like a mom watching her daughter growing up with GO *beams*. You are the best, Michele, and I adore your dedication and devotion for the man! This is something I don’t see in anyone but you!

Lastly, allow me to share this beautiful poem just for the birthday girl! Michele, I can’t wait…

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[series] 116 Reasons To Love Byung Hee: #7 – Nifty Shades of Byung Hee

Reason 7 – Nifty Shades of Byung Hee

Sexy GO

As he takes the hoodie wear to a level of its own (his own), so too does Byung Hee make a statement with the sunglasses he wears often choosing a particular shape and style to suit the moment (or not), and always making them look good regardless of the occasion. His fine facial features serve him well affording him the ability to wear any shape, size or color. And although he may choose to wear them to help establish a sense of anonymity, I like to think he wears them to simply increase his already existing and overflowing cool quotient.^^ It seems to add some extra special swag to his persona when he does decide to rock the decorative shaded eyewear and gives me yet another reason to love him like I do.

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[series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee: #6 – It’s A “Rap”

Reason 6 – It’s A “Rap”


When the fabulous five of MBLAQ met for the first time, Mir was convinced that G.O was slotted to be the rapper of the group. Little did he know that the man behind that cool urban swag actually possessed the velvet voice that was to become the group’s main vocal. I have to commend producer Rain for having the foresight he most certainly had to marry that very golden voice with the rap element he was firmly establishing in MBLAQ. Rain must have had his eye on Tykeys! The very cocktail of blending G.O’s sweet and delicious vocals with that of rappers Mir and Cheondoong proved to be a potent fortuitous recipe. In fact, pairing his voice with any rapper has proved to be magical. And this beautiful vocal synergy is another reason to love Byung Hee.

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