The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 187

내게 변치 않는 건 나의 가슴속에 살아 숨 쉬고 있다는걸
The one thing that doesn’t change
is that you are breathing as you live in my heart.

Okay…..I love this line in Nassun and G.O’s digital single One. What is even better is that the line is delivered vocally by G.O and not buried in one of Nassun’s rap stanzas in the song. Nothing against rap…no, I am totally amenable to it, especially when it is being intertwined, encircled and embraced by G.O’s sweet voice. That line is simply one that aches for a sweet voice to sing it, even if not contained in a ballad, but in a pop/rap tune. G.O is the perfect choice and probably only sounded sweeter in Damiano’s No Diet or MBLAQ’s You’re My A+.

Remember way back on Day 21 when I took a look at G.O’s collaboration with rapper, Damiano, and I mentioned how we could hear a smile in G.O’s voice as he sang? I get the similar feeling here in his second collaboration with rapper, Nassun. To me, it is a song about a guy who is perhaps in those early glorious throes of complete love. He is fallen. Cupid has aimed dead square in his heart and he is completely smitten. Of course he is smiling, he’s happy!!!

Both of G.O’s collaborations with Nassun are heavenly indeed, however, my personal favorite of the two is One. I think it is because of its softer approach lyrically. O-IWI-O is pure unadulterated swag. It is more sexually aggressive in that boy basically says to girl, I like what I see, don’t be shy ~ you know you want me as much as I want you.

One, on the other hand, has boy completely smitten and finds comfort and solace in girl’s warm and tender embrace. Much softer. Much sweeter. Oh so much more, G.O, right? Wait…don’t get me wrong, G.O can swag it up with the best of them, absolutely. He moves through O-IWI-O like a boss. Maybe I am just feeling a touch romantic this week and One is hitting that sweet spot in my heart.

There are days when I just want to hear a smile in G.O’s voice and One is a heavenly collaboration that serves up one sweet and delicious smile, lyric after lyric.


[Video cr. SINAQ]


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