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Breaking News: Happy Birthday, Michele!

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Well…….this was quite the birthday surprise!!! The gift of Byung Hee is forever a great thing filled with sweetness! But the gift of friendship is even more special. I am thankful this birthday for many things and having dear sweet friends like Miss Nelly is definitely one of them!

Thank you, Nelly for this gem of a gift and for your friendship!!❤️


Yeap, today is my MBLAQ eonnie’s bashing birthday!!! Happy birthday, Michele!!!! Will you blow that candles? Pretty please?

First, let’s celebrate your birthday with this fabulous song by G.O and Nassun! L.O.V.E!!!!! *dance*

Next, Play That Song because really… this song is so warm it represents YOU as the ever warmest G.O’s fan I’ve known to date!


And the next song is as beautiful as you are, inside and out! You are truly an inspiration for all MBLAQ A+ out there! No one can ever top you when comes to loving GO. This is the truth and I’m proud of you and grateful to know you. I feel like a mom watching her daughter growing up with GO *beams*. You are the best, Michele, and I adore your dedication and devotion for the man! This is something I don’t see in anyone but you!

Lastly, allow me to share this beautiful poem just for the birthday girl! Michele, I can’t wait…

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Author: Michele

Travel junkie, amateur photographer, veganista, and purveyor of random acts of kindness.

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