The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 127

Out of all of G.O’s Heavenly Collaborations, none were as visually provocative as O-IWI-O with Nassun. From the MV to the live on stage performances, Nassun’s swag and rap combined with G.O’s handsome and voice were a match made entertainment heaven.

In O-IWI-O, G.O’s plaintive falsetto weaves itself in and around Nassun’s rap like a painter adding calming strokes to soften harsh edges without totally obliterating those edges. This is G.O’s forte when paired with a rapper. He adds a softness, but it is a softness that in no way reduces the power of the rap. G.O’s understanding of the science of music appeals to the nerd in me so much. So very attractive.

Ok, let me scan my brain here for a second. O-IWI-O was released in September 2010 which came after Y, and all promotions associated with itI think this may have been the first time we had the opportunity to see G.O perform in a well-tailored suit. He and Nassun made the rounds performing the song on various music showgrams (InkigayoMusic CoreMusic Bank, etc.) each time wearing fine tailored suits, looking sophisticated, suave and sexy.

Yeah..Okay, we long for each other (I want u baby) Oh baby You’re my lady . . .

I want to declare this here and now: G.O could (and will some day) rock a solo project, as in full album solo project. However, I will never deny he is a powerful collaborator whose amazing talent will elevate any project he allows his golden voice to touch. Moreover, should he have even further collaborative free will (composing, writing, arranging) in the project, he will no doubt leave his mark, earn respect, and continue to open doors to future projects, collaborations, and yes…..awards.

If he only knew how big I dream for him!!


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  1. Nan says:

    Ah, so very cool.. Like the song, and the guys are very well matched.
    Perhaps there will be more collaborations in the future. I hope so!

    • Michele says:

      It is the perfect feel good song, isn’t it? And G.O and Nassun together not only sound great, but look great!!! And G.O in those suits are to die for. Sophistication at its finest!!!!!

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