The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 371

Wow…we are less than a month away from hitting Day 400!! You are going to have go along with me here when I get excited about these upcoming mini milestone moments. Four hundred days, though. Remember back when G.O left for training camp and we all let out this incredible and I suspect quite audible ‘ugggggggh….730 days’? I remember. I remember having to comfort a few by reminding them that it will go by quickly and it has! Ok, I will slow down here for now and try to contain my excitement. It is only Day 371, but is a G.O One Shot .gif day. Seems like a nice day to throw some G.O love out into the blogosphere!^^

Try to convince me that you were not caught up in a sweeping swooooon after watching G.O throw down some serious swag with Nassun in O-IWI-O.


L. O. V. E.

~ ♥ ~



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