[new series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee

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I admit to not being able to contain my love and admiration for this young man. It probably borders on the obsessive but fortunately he doesn’t need a restraining order just yet! In all honesty though, I truly do admire his amazing talent as a performer in all genres he has touched. It wasn’t, however, until I had the opportunity to watch him interact with fans that I was really pushed over the fangirl edge. I was in awe as to how truly genuine and sincere he was in his appreciation for his fans! The best part is that I have been on the receiving end of that appreciation and it is truly special. I am firm believer that you cannot fake sincerity. You either are or you aren’t. G.O in every imaginable way is.

So where did I come up with this “116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee” thing all of a sudden? Seems random, right?

I was having myself a pity party due to a pretty bad week this week. In fact, I was quite miserable. It seems that when I get in those angst-filled moods, the only thing that helps is a quick escape to K-fantasyland. You know..that place where I am the lead in my own drama and both the first and second lead male actors are literally climbing over each other to get to me. Of course, in my drama, the first and second leads would both be played by G.O (he could play twins….that would be awesome).  What can I say, if I can’t have him, I’ll just have the other him. LOL!

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Kidding aside, I really have turned to music a lot to help me through those frazzled times and I’ve turned to G.O quite a bit (and pretty much exclusively). His voice is so soothing and when I listen to him, I am reminded of those amazing moments when I had the  privilege of seeing him perform live. Today it came to me that there are so many reasons to love this guy.

If the music wasn’t enough I was promptly pulled out angstland when I watched MNet’s Meet and Greet with MBLAQ last night whereupon the gregarious Byung Hee literally recognized and acknowledged knowing who I was after seeing my picture in the group of fans who took part in the meet & greet. Yes, I completely forgot how and why I was miserable!^^ The magic and power of Byung Hee!

I know there are so many reasons for me to love him. But, I want to make YOU love him, too! Or at best grow your appreciation for him as much as I can by planting reasons here for you to consider. ^^

I plan to cover one reason per post (because then I get to write about him a lot (or at least 116 times)! Some of the posts will be long while others will be short. I suppose I just want to publicly love on him and get the word out that he is really special.

The reasons will be in no particular order of relevance or rank. I will just choose a random reason and write about it. Oh and the 116, well that number does hold some significance. The number 11 signifies the month in which G.O was born: November. And the 6 is the day of his birth. Yep….I know, totally off the grid corny. ^^

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I am sure there are definitely more than 116 reasons to love him but I will start with 116 and see where it takes me. I know he is worth it, but then again, I admit to being extremely biased! ^^

First reason to be served up soon!

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