TVXQ Tuesday: Holding Back The Tears

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Since I have been focusing specifically on their music for these posts, I did not realize that the men of TVXQ filmed and released a drama back in 2006 called Vacation. See, you learn something new every day. And as I am still making my way through ALL of their music as a 5-man group, I rely on discography lists to assist me.  This is how I found the gorgeous Holding Back The Tears.


Vacation was a 4 episode television drama premised on the guys readying themselves for a concert tour, feeling pressured, quarreling among themselves and just being overburdened by stress. It is suggested they take a vacation to, well, sort through it and probably just decompress.

Each of the guys had their own episode with the exception of Changmin and Junsu who were paired together in episode 2. I call that unfair. No disrespect to Changmin, but I think Junsu should have had his own episode. That is just my favoritism rising!! Because my interest is piqued here, I have put this on my list to watch (at some point) and I would actually like to hear the entire OST because if Holding Back The Tears is any indication of what the rest of the OST sounds like, I’d definitely like to hear more.

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I chose a live version of the song to feature here because these five men singing live is often times better than any studio reproduction.  And this is the truth! This has to be one of the lovelier of their ballads that showcases their incredible harmonies as well as their individual voices. But the harmonies…those harmonies! They are spectacular.

I never know who will open a song and I always chant “Junsu” “Junsu” “Junsu” before the vocals start just because I am fangirl crazy like that. This one opens with a very sweet and gentle sounding Changmin and I like it.

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Hearing the gentle tone in his voice backed by only an acoustic guitar sets this one up nicely – it’s romantic and sweet. When Yoochun follows it was like someone lovingly threw another blanket over my shoulders to keep the warm coming. His voice is so rich, deep and warm here I was actually hoping he would just keep singing.

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I think he sounds especially wonderful here. Then those harmonies I mentioned drop in and it is a shower of melodic splendor. Enter Junsu and the swoonfest continues. Clear, emotional and perfect, the song begins to urgently build when he arrives to drive the song forward.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.50.33 PM 1

I am pretty convinced now (after almost a year of blogging here) that I indeed have a K-vocalist type. Like his counterpart over in MBLAQ (G.O), Junsu truly was the soulful core of TVXQ. I feel the same way about G.O. When I watch either of them sing, I see the music moving through them, each nerve ending accented by a note. The emotion flows through them, fueled by the music (their lifeblood) that is pumping from their hearts. They are both such amazing vocalists.

OmO…where was I? Oh yes, Holding Back The Tears….

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Yunho’s tone is so soothing and gentle here which is nice after the more bolder sounds just heard from Junsu and with Jaejoong following big, it is perfectly placed and balances everything out nicely as the song nears its climax. Jae with that velvety voice is so luminous in this performance.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.51.46 PM

The way the harmonies introduce him into the song is lovely. Those harmonies!! They truly are perfect.

How gorgeous was that? Right? Waaaahhh, those five voices are just magical. The truly magical part, however, is the balance and control they have when all singing together. Everything is so equally tenored. Five voices so perfectly matched.

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