The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 432

Before I get this post rolling let me take a moment to scream: G.O HAS UNDER 300 DAYS REMAINING IN HIS SERVICE!! Yes, this is Day 432 which on the opposite end of a more logical countdown equals 299 days remaining. I know I am the only person counting up instead of down. But somehow counting the days completed feels more like an accomplishment, especially considering there are a total of 730 days in G.O’s service that need to be completed. And ok, 299 days is still quite a ways away, but here we are at Day 432 already. Time is moving quickly. Today, I am feeling particularly fangirly. When my inner fangirl comes out to play, she loves to experience a Windows to Your Soul ~ The G.O Eye Connect moment and the one I choose for today comes from the SBS Hope Concert back on 4 May 2012.

My, my G.O was looking ever handsome and there is something even more attractive about him, albeit unnerving, when he staring into the lens of your camera. I will always admire the way G.O uses music to connect to the audience. For when he sings, it is almost as if he is sharing pieces of his heart and soul with each person in the crowd. That is something very special. I always get the feeling when I listen and/or watch G.O perform that it is essential to him that we feel what he feels when he is singing. I don’t know, maybe I am way off base, but I think he might crave that connection.

It does not surprise me then that when G.O gazes out into an audience that he invariably locks into some lenses and indeed the eyes of his fans. Capturing him in a static moment is pretty amazing. Grabbing his attention during a performance is even more spectacular because in those moments it feels as if he is singing directly to the person on the other end of that camera. The lucky GOTV1106 cam operator at the SBS Hope Concert in May 2012 happened to grab some sweet attention from our glorious main vocal during 낙서 [Scribble].

I admit that among the things on my fangirl bucket list, grabbing expressive eye contact from G.O during a song is pretty high on that list. I am not sure I could weather it, but I would like to test my strength!

So this eye connect thing, could it be that G.O is simply scoping out the loveliest ladies in the crowd? Maybe. He is a young virile man after all and there is nothing wrong with looking. Or, could it be just another facet of his fan service? Perhaps a little of both. But my romantic fangirl heart is going to stick with the whole idea of his wanting to make a connection so that he can share his art from the most honest place inside of him . . . his heart.


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