[Musings] CIX Is Coming!

I think it is safe to say that when A.C.E’s leader Junhee went into the Army back on February 7th, I fell into a bit of a K-pop malaise. With three members off to serve their country and a fourth (Byeongkwan) scheduled to go this month, I was really feeling the sting of this hiatus. READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Fairy of Shampoo [Tomorrow x Together]

Is there anyone else out there who enjoys interesting backstories to songs or do I ride alone with my quirks? I have to believe there are a few out there and if so, you might enjoy the backstory to this week’s Playlist Roulette pull, Tomorrow X Together’s Fairy of Shampoo from the group’s second EP, The Dream READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Think About Chu [Noir]

With so many comebacks these past few months it has been impossible for me to get up to speed with them all so I guess I will stay out of the mainstream a little while longer. Seems the Playlist Roulette gods feel the same way as they decided upon a light and breezy pop track from READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Do or Not [Pentagon]

The beauty of being part of Pentagon’s Universe is knowing that nothing  (and I mean, NOTHING) gets in the way of them releasing consistently good music, especially in the wake of hiatuses. In fact, I am not sure Pentagon even allows the word hiatus into their vocabulary. I suppose therein lies the beauty of a READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ 내 눈에는 니가 (You In My Eyes) [Snuper]

I have to be honest, I am rather enjoying the buried deep in the Strictly Korean playlist pulls these days. Older releases from groups that have not debuted yesterday seems to be somewhat of a perfect fit for an awkward K-pop fan like myself. I may be awkward, but I like to think I have pretty READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Without You [Golden Child]

  There are some days when I really consider hanging up my fangirl hat and becoming a food blogger or something completely removed from anything K-pop. But then when Sunday night rolls around I begin to feel an excited anticipation of what the Strictly Korean playlist will shuffle out and challenge me with in the READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Tired [M.O.N.T]

When the Strictly Korean playlist shuffled out M.O.N.T this week my first thought was okay then, here we go into the K-pop hinterlands of underrated talent which, I might add, is one of my favorite places to go. I have been keeping my eyes (and ears) on M.O.N.T since becoming acquainted with them last year when I happened READ MORE