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Lately I have been turning my attention to lesser known, under-appreciated and/or rookie groups (especially those who debuted during COVID) and taking a break from big name comebacks – all bets are off however if GOT7 releases something new collectively as a group. I feel like staying on this vacay from the big agency groups while continuing to dive into the unknown or, little known, just getting started and/or underrated K-pop pool of groups – of which their are many. The newly debuted Luminous falls into that category nicely and are worth a look and listen.

These four cuties debuted back in September 2021. They debuted on September 9th, to be exact, after an August pre-release which included five tracks,  four of which were self-composed. This is a fantastic idea, if you ask me. Each member sang the track he composed and not only was it a great introduction, it also showed me that their agency (WIP Company) obviously is all in when it comes to allowing the group artistic freedom and trusting them enough to let them each have a solo track – on a pre-release!! I will leave the link for that pre-release so you can meet Youngbin, Suil, Steven and Woobin, individually, through their respect songs. So cool.

[Hello, visuals!!]

This post, however, is all about Home Alone, which is from Luminous’ debut mini album, Youth and is the second release from the album as in, NOT the title track. You know how I roll by now. Title tracks are all well and fine – but sometimes those B-sides are where I personally find hidden gems and favorites. I mean I LOST it when Lina over at Hallyureviews put MCND’s H.B.C on her list of top ten B-sides. I have the biggest soft spot for those MCND babies who, as it turns out, also debuted during COVID. H.B.C is raucous and fun, and is also one of my fave B-sides from MCND’s most recently released album. I cannot tell you the joy I experienced when they performed it during the encore of their online concert. But I digress . . .

As I mentioned, Luminous debuted on September 9, 2021 and that date was actually pushed back from the original September 1st debut date because leader, Youngbin, contracted COVID in August. Seriously, I am so over COVID and how it put (and continues to put) a real dent in my K-pop plans. But, I am patient. I am confident K-pop tours on US shores (and worldwide) will return and I definitely will be one of the first in line to get out there and support these four newbies. The group debuted with the track, Run which is a fine R&B-laced groove machine and I really like it. But the winsome mood I have been sitting in as of late drew me to the gentler pop of Home Alone which really showcases the group’s steady and lovely vocals, even from the resident rappers, Suil and Steven. Yeah, ok, the song is kind of sad amid its pop feel, but Woobin’s falsetto hits the heartstrings in all the right places. In addition, the MV is so aesthetically pleasing.

I am a HUGE fan of rappers who can sing, and sing well. Getting to hear both Suil and Steven flex some vocals along with rap in Home Alone felt wonderfully complete. And what a nice balance between the main vocal Woobin (higher register) and lead vocal Youngbin (lower, huskier tone). Furthermore, the line distribution in Home Alone is very equitable. Usually mains handle choruses but here, everyone takes part after either Woobin or Youngbin get the party started.

It’s true, I have a thing for rookies lately – especially those who have had to introduce themselves to the world during a pandemic. Thank goodness we have the technology we do. And although nothing will come close to seeing a live performance or getting to meet our fave artists in person, I am grateful we are still able to connect with them and with each other through the magic of fibre optics, streaming platforms and applications. I guess the upside for the groups who have been unable to meet their fans in person via the concert stage or other in person medium, is that they can continue to diligently work on music so that when the time is right, they will have so very much to share from the live stage – the real live stage.

Youngbin, Suil, Steven and Woobin . . . I will be waiting!

As promised, the pre-debut, Vision:

[Up All Night (Steven); ROD (ride or die) (Suil); Star (Youngbin); and Orbit (Woobin)]

And how about the debut, Youth, as well:

Here’s hoping Luminous finds their way into your heart and onto your playlist!


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  1. Lina says:

    H.B.C ENTHUSIATS UNITE! I actually even asked MCND about their workout songs recently just to mention H.B.C to them and how much I love it 😂

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