Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 96

I must be in a whimsical and romantic mood because I felt like a boyfriend vibe DH selca for today. Inasmuch as many DH selcas can safely fall into that category, I am trying to create as an eclectic blend as possible. You know, the deadly selcas, the playful selcas, the introspective selcas, etc. Those can all serve as sub-categories of the BF selca to be sure, but there are definitely those captures that feel more boyfriend than others. Such is the case today with our sweet main vocal who may have been caught in the rain or even some blistering sun. Either way, would you care to share his umbrella?

For your listening pleasure, one of Donghun’s favorite artists, Australian band, Vancouver Sleep Clinic. The song is Villa Luna (midnight) from their Onwards to Zion album. Just a little added atmosphere for this DH Selca Magic day.

There is something about walking in the rain that is romantic – so long it is not a torrential downpour! But strolling in the mist by the sea, yeah that is romance movie picture perfect. I read that one of Donghun’s hobbies is watching movies alone. I knew I could not be the only one who enjoyed watching movies by myself. And, the types of movies he prefers . . . well, romance of course. Oh, these water signs (Donghun is a Pisces) with their deep running emotions. When it comes to astrology, water signs are my favorite people because of those deep mercurial emotions. Also, they are a good balance for an earth sign like myself, for water indeed can soften even the most impenetrable.


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