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On My Playlist ~ Home Alone [Luminous]

Lately I have been turning my attention to lesser known, under-appreciated and/or rookie groups (especially those who debuted during COVID) and taking a break from big name comebacks – all bets are off however if GOT7 releases something new collectively as a group. I feel like staying on this vacay from the big agency groups while continuing to dive into the unknown or, little known, just getting started and/or underrated K-pop pool of groups – of which their are many. The newly debuted Luminous falls into that category nicely and are worth a look and listen.

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On My Playlist ~ Criminal [Taemin]

I do not throw the word ‘masterpiece’ around lightly, or even often. But I think SHINee fans, and specifically, Taemin stans, would agree that while Taemin repeatedly creates artistic masterpieces, he himself is one as well. Since 2 Kids, the pre-release from this third album, Never Gonna Dance Again, I have been entranced, enthralled and captivated by this brilliant young artist. The title track, Criminal, is a metaphoric masterpiece of being a willing victim of a criminal whose crime is an intense, painful yet magnificent love.

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On My Playlist ~ 도깨비 (Favorite Boys) [A.C.E]

September seems to be gearing up to be quite the comeback month, at least as to those groups and artists on my personal radar. The dance powerhouse quintet, A.C.E is one of those groups. Even though this is the group’s fourth mini album, it is my first A.C.E comeback. The anticipation level was high and when they dropped the title track to their HJZM:The Butterfly Phantasy mini album, I wasn’t  sure if 도깨비 (Favorite Boys), was supposed to shock or seduce me. Confession: it did both.

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