Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 97

I don’t think we have had an occasion to discuss the opening track of A.C.E’s HJZM:The Butterfly Phantasy yet, have we? Well, I guess this DH Dance Break is as good time as any to talk about the bombastic and tantalizing Golden Goose. It’s one of those songs that slaps you around in a good way and the choreography, menacingly sexy.

Usually, I can figure out what song is about even with no so clear and concise translation. But, Golden Goose has me stumped, and I really don’t care. It is evident by the music, rhythm, the way that A.C.E delivers it vocally that it drips with attitude and swag. And, that’s plenty for me.

I am easy to please when it comes to A.C.E, as by now, seems rather obvious. Golden Goose is clearly a song that commands aggressive, on-the-attack relentless choreography. And what is also obvious by now is how much I like to watch Donghun navigate aggressive choreography because of the grace and flow he invariably adds by virtue of his litheness. As a bonus in this particular focused clip, his gorgeous hair is untamable and free-flowing which adds to the entire seductive nature of the music and dance.

Oh, and let’s not forget the peek-a-book cropped, fringed jacket. Golden Goose is a B-side from A.C.E’s HJZM:The Butterfly Phantasy and the stylist’s budget was clearly wide open because the various clothing styles worn by A.C.E from teasers through promotion was extravagant and beautiful. The black and maroon suits in this Golden Goose performance were no exception. They all look so handsome. But our main vocal Mr. Lee in a cropped, jacket pretty much takes it next level for me.

Let’s watch him make that fringe and his beautiful hair dance as much as he does:


The power. The aggression. The grace. The fringe. Were you able to weather the perfect storm that is Lee Donghun?



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