Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 79

There is something really sweet about the fan art I am going to share for this DH Fan-Artastic day. Back in 2017, French artist, YuiKubi was just 14 years old when she joined the Amino Apps community and posted her first piece of fan art. That fan art was of Donghun. She is an original Choice as she posted her piece on July 17, 2017 which was two short months after A.C.E debuted.

I guess I am in a sentimental mood because I am finding this to be so incredibly sweet and heartwarming. She was 14 when she drew this! Even though he is trying to look all tough and menacing, YuiKubi captures Donghun’s youth so well, the debuting Donghun at the start of his journey as A.C.E’s main vocal. He looks like a kid here . . . because he was!

I don’t know if she is still out there creating fan art as the last post on her page was in November 2017 and was also A.C.E-related. I did a little research and did discover that she is currently an art student at the Émile Cohl Atelier in Los Angeles. Émile Cohl was a French caricaturist who also was the inventor of animation. How cool is that? If YuiKubi has moved on from K-pop to focus on her studies, I am so happy she left us a little taste of her fan art which appears to have sprung from her love of A.C.E.


[Image cr. YuiKubi]

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