Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 78

Okay, I am throwing in the white towel on Donghun’s Instagram updates. They are simply too frequent for me to keep up with while I try to keep a writing schedule to stay ahead in order to secure future posts. It is a daunting task to keep a schedule when 638 days need to be accounted for. And well, Donghun is just too unpredictable. I love it, and I love that he is staying in steady contact. But because I map out these countdown posts a good month in advance and write them, it is just too much of a juggle for me to be constantly moving posts around to accommodate his surprise attacks!! So, going forward, I decided to share updates sporadically. If you follow Donghun on his Instagram account (bldhue), then any update shared here would actually be redundant! But, before I move to that sporadic mode, I will share his update from the wee hours of this Thursday, December 9th morning because I have to admit, it kind of hit me in the feels.

Donghun must be really feeling the distance his military hiatus is taking him from the idol world he has been navigating for so many years. Earlier today, he shared a snapshot of an autographed Polaroid, perhaps a perk for an online fan meet or fan video call contest. Either way, he must have been feeling nostalgic with both the picture and caption:

Caption: 추억 소환

Translation: Recalling memories

Now, I could be completely overdramatizing this . . . highly possible; but, this update got me so nostalgic that I automatically thought he was feeling similarly. Maybe he chose the post and caption to hit Choice in the heart, to make us miss him even more. If so, mission accomplished, sir. I like to believe he is feeling the separation as much as we are so that we can walk this countdown path with equal longing buffered by endurance and strength knowing that we will see each other again – maybe not as soon as we would like, but soon nevertheless.


[Image cr. bldhue]
[Note: Because IG Stories generally stick around for 24 hours and can easily be missed, I will continue to collect Donghun’s stories monthly, and share them collectively in a post early each following month. So, for example, all of the December IG stories will show up here on Day 102, which is January 2, 2022. Fair?]

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