Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 80

Is it really Day 80?!! Amazing, right? It is such an odd internal fight I have with myself, this march of time. On one hand, I wish time would move a little more slowly and I think when one arrives into middle age, that is the general consensus. Getting older at a rapid pace is not fun. However, when it comes to waiting for special days and events, the childlike wonder in us all wishes for time to pass quickly. Like a birthday, or Christmas and yes, a military discharge. You catch my drift. For this Day 80 of Donghun’s service, we get a selca magic moment capturing three of my favorite things: Donghun, his smile and the moon.

Oh yes, and the beach. I know fans were loving on Donghun’s long locks during the Butterfly PhantasySiren:Dawn and Changer:Dear Eris eras and I was right there with them. But this short cropped look he sported was as equally fantastic. Even though I prefer it in a darker version, it just looks great on him. I don’t know, he’s just a handsome guy, what can I say?

Anyway, I love this selca. His sweet smile, his joy in sharing a beautiful night on the beach  with the moon peeking through the clouds all feel a bit romantic. There he goes again triggering my sleeper romance cell. Instead of holding a camera, it feels like Donghun is holding our hand, pulling us along, walking in the sand and making sure we don’t miss the beautiful and coy moon.

Sigh . . .


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