Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 62

What do you say about some extra swag for today’s edition of DH Fan-Artastic? I stumbled across artist Vansiee on Twitter and immediately fell in love with her work and particularly her Donghun art – but, I am rather biased you know. Come check out her take on Donghun’s rocker sauce, swagger with a side of vampire.


Seriously, this is so incredibly cool, right down to the Beatles Sgt. Pepper t-shirt he is wearing. Over-the-hill Choice like myself can revel in the detail Vansiee brought to this piece by being able to recognize both Paul McCartney and George Harrison on the shirt. Love it!

But it is Donghun’s badass expression that I love here so much and that Vansiee has captured so well, even with his eyes obscured in shadow. DH is dangerous. Vampire DH is lethal.

Definitely go have a look at Vansiee’s work and show her some love. You can find her on Twitter at @505ICK.


[Image cr. Vansiee]

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